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    • Beckman Instructions 81804
    • 1969-Jun

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934 at the request of a chemist from the California citrus industry, who needed an accurate way to measure the acidity of his product. The resulting instrument kicked off…

    • 1969-Oct-22

    The press release announces the receipt of John C. Vaalar Awards for the Model 735 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer, the Continuous Particle Electrophoresis System, the Model 915 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, and the OMEGA…

    • 1969-Jun-23

    The press release announces the availability of the Model 3108 Analog-to-Teletype Coupler.

    • 1969-May-23

    The press release announces the appointments of Robert J. Baumann, Edward B. Bell, and Louis T. Rosso to new roles within the company.

    • 1969-Feb-27

    The press release describes a vibration mill used to prepare materials for analysis by infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, powder metallurgy, and other techniques.

    • 1950 – 1969

    The labeled illustration depicts the interior of a potentiometer.

    Potentiometers regulate the flow of electricity, like the volume dial on a radio. In 1940, Arnold O. Beckman was unsatisfied with dials on the market,…

    • 1968-Jan-18

    The document describes the components, operating instructions, troubleshooting, and maintenance of a prototype device. Handwritten notes were added to pages 27 and 31.

    The Glucose Analyzer was developed by James…

    • Beckman Instructions 83513-B
    • 1969-Oct

    The Glucose Analyzer was developed by James Sternberg in 1969 and was one of several very successful medical testing and analysis instruments that Beckman Instruments produced in the 1970s. Its size, speed, and price…

    • 1960s

    These specifications were likely produced during the development of the Glucose Analyzer. They include details about the electronic circuits, the weight and footprint of the finished instrument, and the rate of samples…

    • 1960s

    This advertisement from Beckman Instruments highlights the many instruments and systems that could be used to monitor and control air pollution. This includes a "mobile monitor" which was an RV fitted out with various…