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    • 1900s

    A half-length portrait of Friedrich Wöhler (1800–1882), a German chemist.

    • 1986

    Advertisement by JBI Jogbra Inc. for the Sportshape bra in Cosmopolitan magazine.

    • 1980

    William Henry Perkin depicted in his laboratory. Perkin, center, examines test dyeing of silk taffeta with mauve aniline dye. Left, his father, the backer of the plant, stands behind Perkin and admires the fabric. In…

    • 1978

    Study for a never-finished portrait of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin OM FRS (1910-1994), by English artist Graham Sutherland. Hodgkin was an English biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1964 for her work in…

    • 1975-Nov-30

    Color print magazine advertisement for Fairchild watches. This ad appeared in The New York Times Magazine, November 20, 1975.

    • 1960s

    Color print magazine advertisement for DuPont dyed nylon stockings. Image depicts the legs of four women in colorful stockings.

    • 1960 – 1969

    Advertisement for DuPont Lycra spandex fiber depicting the mid-section of a woman modeling a girdle.

    • circa 1900 – 1965

    This work reproduces a painting by Wijck in the collections of the Rijksmuseum. The alchemist, seated at his desk before the window, looks down to survey the progress of his assistant. The young boy holds up a basin for…

    • circa 1928 – 1965

    An alchemist wearing a green robe uses a pair of bellows to control the heat of the fire beneath his crucible. Other vessels sit on the furnace at his side, and to his left a large still-head for distillation rests over…

    • 1964

    Black and white print advertisement for A.C. Gilbert Chemistry Sets. A boy and a male adult are depicted in two images using the laboratory glassware included in the chemistry set.

    • 1964

    Black and white print advertisment for Fairchild Semiconductor's 1964 microcircuits, featuring an image of a microscope.

    • circa 1887 – circa 1963

    The alchemist sits, stirring the contents of a crucible, as he carefully watches the progress of a distillation experiment. He is surrounded by alchemical apparatus, glassware, and open books. An hourglass at his side…

    • 1961

    Magazine advertisement for DuPont Lycra, the brand name for the polyester-polyurethane copolymer invented by Joseph Shivers in 1958 at the DuPont laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia. The advertisement was published in…

    • 1950s

    Color print magazine advertisement for Orlon, a Dow trademarked acrylic fiber. The advertisement details the major properties of Orlon: "Orlon is resistant to sunlight and atmospheric gases, which makes it ideal for…

    • 1959

    Black and white print magazine advertisement for DuPont's nylon cord tires. Image depicts a man and a woman dealing with car troubles on a bridge.

    • 1950s

    Color advertisement from Jantzen Knitting Mills, Inc. in Portland, Oregon for a Jantzen swimsuit. The ad features a young woman wearing a strapless light blue one-piece swimsuit. In the background, a young man wearing…

    • 1956

    Black and white print magazine advertisement for DuPont's nylon tire cords. Image is centered on a family in traffic passing through the Lincoln Tunnel, for "when you need tires that assure greatest dependability."

    • 1956

    Black and white print magazine advertisement for DuPont's nylon cord tires. Image shows a family of six seated in a car while driving through highway traffic, for "when you need tires that assure greatest dependability."

    • 1955

    Lithograph portrait of Vannevar Bush, by the artist Eugene A. Montgomery. Bush is shown in a 3/4 view holding a graduated cylinder and beaker, with a pipe clenched in one corner of his mouth. This portrait was created…