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    • 1930 – 1940

    This two-color poster advertises a performance of magic tricks, as part of the Mysto Magic Show Set, manufactured by the A. C. Gilbert Company around 1940. The kit included theatrical makeup, props, and an instruction…

    • 1950s

    Color advertisement from Jantzen Knitting Mills, Inc. in Portland, Oregon for a Jantzen swimsuit. The ad features a young woman wearing a strapless light blue one-piece swimsuit. In the background, a young man wearing…

  1. A half-length seated portrait of Joseph Priestley (1733–1804), an English clergyman and natural philosopher who discovered oxygen.

  2. Glass plates with spectrum image. Several of the spectra plates are labeled with wavelengths on the front and back.

    • 1931-Jan-17

    Color print magazine advertisement for Community Plate silverware. Illustration depicts a woman in a red dress holding a silver spoon, as well as fine silver of the "Noblesse Design." This ad appeared in The Saturday…

    • 1947-Nov

    Color print magazine advertisement for Community silverware. This ad appeared in the Ladies' Home Journal, November 1947.

    • 1947

    Black and white print magazine advertisement for Trimz DDT wallpaper. This ad appeared in Women's Day, June 1947.

    • 1930

    Color print cardboard poster for L'Insectoline DDT. A boy is using the product to kill a variety of insects.

    • 1955

    Color print advertisement for Durkee's Homogenized Margarine with emphasis on the new Stayfresh Foilpak packaging, specifically designed to protect the product's rich, natural flavor.

    • 1955

    Lithograph portrait of Vannevar Bush, by the artist Eugene A. Montgomery. Bush is shown in a 3/4 view holding a graduated cylinder and beaker, with a pipe clenched in one corner of his mouth. This portrait was created…

    • 1851

    A lithograph portrait of a young Michael Faraday, looking left with his hand on his hip.

    • 1830

    A seated portrait of William Hyde Wollaston (1766–1828), English chemist and physicist. He is holding spectacles and a piece of paper.

  3. A half-length portrait of French scientist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac (1778–1850).

    • 1796

    A portrait of a seated Matthew Boulton (1728–1809), a British industrialist and entrepreneur. He is seated in front of a window, holding a magnifying glass and a coin. In the background is a large building.

    • Portrait of a Geometrist
    • circa 1800

    A portrait of a man (possibly Athalante Legrand, a French mathematician) in academic dress seated with his right arm on a ledge, pointing to a geometric diagram.

  4. Mezzotint of a portrait bust of the Irish chemist Robert Boyle (1627–1691) in an arched niche.

  5. A half-length seated portrait of Martin Folkes (1690–1754), English mathematician and president of the Royal Society.

  6. A half-length seated portrait of the 17th-century doctor Gerardus Blasius pointing to an anatomy figure in a book.

    • 1801

    A bust-length portrait facing left in profile of Professor Joseph Black (1728–1799) in an octagonal format.

    • after 1600 – before 1800

    This lively and richly decorated chamber presents an alchemist's workshop which is busy, productive, and filled with customers and assistants. At center, the alchemist himself--dressed in a fine satin coat with slash…

    • 1600s

    A seated alchemist instructs his young apprentice in this image of a large and well-stocked apothecary's shop. The walls are lined with blue ceramic vessels likely containing medicines, tonics and purgatives, as well as…

    • 1600s

    In this painting, the alchemist's face shows confusion as he studies a text, holding a flask of liquid. His young assistant stands close by and watches attentively. A collapsing pile of open books and loose pages spills…

    • after 1600 – before 1800

    This painting depicts a bustling and prosperous workshop showing a range of alchemical activities, from metallurgical work--such as the heating of a small crucible at lower left--to medical practices, demonstrated by…

  7. A framed portrait of Joseph Black (1728–1799), professor of chemistry at University of Glasgow, seated and holding a document.