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    • 1880 – 1899

    This leather case, most likely a domestic kit designed for home use, appears to contain vials of powder China paint pigments, which are commonly used on porcelain/ceramic.

    Folding black leather case that can be secured…

    • 1958

    Hollow 8 mm tube of crimped, flexible Dacron (synthetic polyester fiber), off-white in color, and pink orange product label housed in original sealed plastic bag. Typically in the shape of a tube, Dacron grafts are…

    • circa 1890

    Long, thin tin cylinder container with paper label and small cap. Cap opens to reveal roll of cream-colored bandage.

    • 1920

    A type of early intrauterine device (IUD) also known as a cervicouterine device or pessary. Curved disk with long coil stem attached to plate of disk. Coil opens into a wishbone shape with two arms. Arms are held…

  1. Glass tube with a collecting reservoir that opens into a funnel (or breast piece). Round red rubber bulb attached to one end of the glass. Stamp in black ink on red bulb reads "Ingram's/'Omega'/London."

  2. Glass tube with a collecting reservoir that opens into a funnel (or breast piece). Round black rubber pump attached to one end of the glass.

    • 1900 – 1930

    Banana-shaped bottle design enabled ease of cleaning, making this bottle widely known as the hygienic baby bottle.

    A: Boat-shaped molded glass bottle. Embossed on one side of bottle are measurements in tablespoons;…

  3. Hexagonal-shaped clear Lexan bottle with a cardboard casing/label; black plastic lid with a dark amber nipple.

    Lexan is a resin thermoplastic discovered by General Electric chemist Dr. Daniel Fox in 1953. It is similar…

    • circa 1946

    A: Microscope
    Ernst Leitz oil-immersion microscope; instrument rests on wishbone-shaped base with a single beam extending from the center before splitting into two sections: an arm supporting the telescope and…

    • 1964

    Black and white print advertisement for A.C. Gilbert Chemistry Sets. A boy and a male adult are depicted in two images using the laboratory glassware included in the chemistry set.

    • 2016

    Playskin Lift is an assistive garment for young infants with weakness or movement problems due to brachial plexus palsy, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and various forms of muscular dystrophy/atrophy. The garment is…

    • 1950s

    Gold colored plastic box with a black circular grate and gold steel clips on the front; on the left top corner is a black plastic tone dial and on the right top corner is the volume dial; on the right side is a black…