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    • 1997-May-18

    Color print newspaper advertisement for the Dow Chemical Company is a photograph of various products DowBrands produces including Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, Saran Wrap, Glass Plus, fantastik, heavy duty oven…

    • circa 1992

    Print advertisement for the Dow Chemical Company's Magnesium Division. The advertisement features reproductions of newspaper clippings chronicling various milestones in the company's production of magnesium over the…

    • circa 1991

    Print advertisement for the Dow Chemical Company's Magnesium Division highlighting the development of AE42X1, a new high-temperature magnesium alloy for use in automotive engineering.

    • 1980s

    Advertisement for the L8 Ultracentrifuge, which became one of the workhorse centrifuge models of the 1980s and 1990s.

    Beckman Instruments began producing centrifuges after their January 1, 1955 acquisition of industry…

    • 1980s

    The SpinPro Expert system software designed ultracentrifuge procedures based on users' answers to a series of questions, intentionally mirroring the telephone conversations that users used to have with Beckman…

    • 1986

    Advertisement by JBI Jogbra Inc. for the Sportshape bra in Cosmopolitan magazine.

    • 1985

    Advertisement for various instruments made by Beckman Instruments, Inc., touting the company's long history of producing pH meters, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, and other instruments.

    • 1984

    This advertisement for the new DU-50 Series Spectrophotometers uses Beckman Instruments' history as an innovator and dependable source of spectrophotometers to market their new product. This new line offers programmable…

    • 1981

    This advertisement depicts Beckman Instruments as an active participant in building humanity's future through high-tech scientific instruments. Spectrophotometers, pH meters, nuclear counters, HPLC (high performance…

    • 1977

    This advertisement for the series 4200 IR Spectrophotometer connects the work that Beckman Instruments is doing to the work of William Herschel, the British astronomer who discovered infrared radiation in 1800.


    • 1977

    Recruitment advertisement for Beckman Instruments, which capitalizes on how the company's products make the world a better place for human beings to live.

    • 1976

    Beckman's Biogamma Radioimmuno Analyzer was introduced in 1973. Radioimmunoassay (RIA) is a technique for measuring the antigen concentration. Known quantities of radioactive (labeled or “hot”) antigens and antibodies…

    • 1975

    This recruitment advertisement for Beckman Instruments builds on the success of its line of automobile instruments, designed to analyze the functions of an engine and to minimize air pollution.

    • 1975

    The advertisement was created for publication in Service Station Management and Motor Age. It emphasizes the reliability of the Model 590 infrared exhaust analyzer, an instrument designed to detect pollutants in the…

    • 1975-Nov-30

    Color print magazine advertisement for Fairchild watches. This ad appeared in The New York Times Magazine, November 20, 1975.

    • 1974

    This instrument detects pollutants in the exhaust from vehicles with combustion engines.

    Beckman Instruments, Inc. became interested in measuring, controlling, and fighting air pollution in the late 1940s and early…

    • 1974

    Advertisement for the many Beckman Instruments products that are used in hospital and health services, including glucose analyzers, liquid scintillation counters, spectrophotometers, and oxygen analyzers (among many…

    • 1973

    This advertisement for the Beckman Instruments' pHASAR I pH meter is staged on the set of the 1973 science fiction television show, Search.

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934 at the request of a chemist…

    • 1972

    A yellow cartoon bird wearing a Beckman hard hat angrily exhorts the reader "Let's clean up our nest!" This poster was part of a workplace safety campaign at Beckman Instruments plants.

    • 1971

    Congratulations to CalTech, who in 1971 had the oldest Beckman Instruments pH meter still in operating condition according to this advertisement. The Model F was introduced in 1936 and the Model G in 1937, back when…

    • 1960s

    This advertisement from Beckman Instruments highlights the many instruments and systems that could be used to monitor and control air pollution. This includes a "mobile monitor" which was an RV fitted out with various…

    • circa 1969

    The MINOS oxygen and carbon dioxide monitors were first developed in 1968 and monitored atmospheric conditions in diving habitats, vehicles, and pressure chambers.

    • 1960s

    Beckman Instruments' analog computers were developed by their Berkeley Division as early as 1953. The company produced analog computers -- also called automation, data reduction, or data handling systems -- for the…

    • 1960s

    This advertisement for Helipot's new series 5200 potentiometer boasts of its toughness and durability, qualities apparently shared by an armored, medieval knight.

    Potentiometers regulate the flow of electricity, like…