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    • 1955-Aug-11

    The agenda of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Air Pollution Committee lists several "indicated current actions on the smog problem" and a suggested resolution. The documents includes Arnold O. Beckman's annotations.

    • 1955-Sep-20

    This draft includes extensive comments and edits by Arnold O. Beckman. The text was incorporated into a Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce pamphlet, "An Area-Wide Plan of Action to Eliminate Air Pollution."

    • 1955

    Regulation VII was a proposed ordinance to control air pollution within Los Angeles County, California. This draft includes annotations by Arnold O. Beckman, who at the time was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and…

    • 1897 – 1900-Aug

    Selected pages are digitized here.

    • 1956-Jan-25

    Beckman's address as incoming president of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce references major challenges, including air pollution. A list of incoming officers and directors is included, along with minor annotations in…

    • 1955-Jun-27

    The document lays out the purpose, techniques, and goals of a corporate public relations program.

    • 1955

    The respondents answered questions about the technical capabilities of centrifuges in their institutions, and also offered additional commentary.

    Beckman Instruments began producing centrifuges after their January 1,…

    • 1955

    The questionnaire results identified pH meter features that would broadly appeal to biologists.

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934 at the request of a chemist from the California citrus industry, who…

    • Bulletin 79
    • 1941-May-20

    This report is not an instruction manual, but instead an overview of the (DU) photoelectric quartz spectrophotometer, containing descriptions of its components and specifications.

    The first Beckman Instruments DU…

    • 1955

    This survey was distributed at the Statewide Conference on Air Pollution Legislation, held in San Francisco on February 21, 1955. Beckman's comments and changes were incorporated into the final version distributed at…

    • 1955-Mar-09

    This survey was conducted at the Statewide Conference on Air Pollution Legislation, held in San Francisco on February 21, 1955. The results indicate that (among other things) attendees favored creating new air pollution…

    • 1950-Dec-26 – 1951-Aug-07

    These internal memos document a year's worth of human resources and other personnel decisions made at National Technical Laboratories, the precursor to Beckman Instruments. Some entries may have been written by Arnold…

    • 1952-Apr-29

    U.S. Patent 2,594,740, filed on behalf of Lee de Forest and William A. Rhodes, describes a device for amplifying the intensity of radiation.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum…

    • 1955-Aug-05

    Mass spectrometers measure the mass of sample components after ionization.

    Walter Donner's work with Beckman Instruments including oversight of the development of medical monitoring equipment for the Apollo, Mercury,…

    • Bulletin 423-A
    • 1956-Sep

    The binder includes several proforma invoices, photographs, and Bulletin 423-A: Operating and Maintenance Instructions, IR4 Infrared Spectrophotometer.

    The Beckman Instruments IR spectrophotometers began as a request…

    • circa 1943

    The oxygen recorder described was intended for analyzing flue gases produced from burning oil or coal.

    • 1950s

    This draft document includes extensive annotations; the stylistic and technical changes are reflected in a later version.

    Developed from a Linus Pauling design during WWII, the technology behind Beckman Instruments’…

    • 1949-May

    This paper describes the use of an older style of glass prism in a new spectrophotometer made by Beckman Instruments. This new spectrophotometer would become the Model B, the glass prism making it a cheaper alternative…

    • 1962-Mar-01

    Beckman Instruments' Space Engineering Group contracted with NASA to design a gas chromatograph to analyze the atmosphere within a spacecraft's cabin. The prototype device weighed under 12 pounds and used under 10 watts…

    • 5D-668
    • 1963-Oct

    The invention disclosure for use in gas chromatography documents some of James C. Sternberg's early work for Beckman Instruments. Robert S. Litle and W. S. Gallaway signed this disclosure as witnesses.


    • 1949-Mar-08

    Patent #2,463,743 for a hydrogen tube designed by H. Howard Cary and Warren Baxter during their time at National Technical Labs, a precursor to Beckman Instruments. This tube was designed for use in UV…

    • No. T-8-(R)
    • 1957-May-23

    The report evaluates the portable OM-1 oxygen meter, deeming it convenient and moderately precise, but sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

    • 1891 – 1893

    Letter copying book containing accounting reports and business correspondence of Herbert H. Dow as head of the Midland Chemical Company, 1891-1893. The Midland Chemical Company was Dow's second commercial venture, and…