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    • 1933-Oct-21 (Date of creation)
    • 1934-Mar-01 (Date of revision)

    Map depicting the facility and grounds of the Charles Lennig and Company chemical manufacturing plant in Bridesburg, a neighborhood located along the Delaware River in the Northeast section of Philadelphia,…

    • 1978

    Study for a never-finished portrait of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin OM FRS (1910-1994), by English artist Graham Sutherland. Hodgkin was an English biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1964 for her work in…

    • circa 1660 – 1704

    An alchemist in a calf-length robe holds up a book in one hand, reading with close attention as he stirs a substance in a small crucible. The tabletop beside him is littered with glassware and distillation vessels. In a…

    • 1893

    Portrait of Sir James Simpson, used as the prototype for a published illustration in the January 1894 issue of The Century Magazine, in an article about the invention of chloroform. Simpson was the first to demonstrate…

    • 1956

    Although the author is unknown, these instructions were most likely written by a Beckman Instruments employee. This glass electrode was used in Beckman pH meters.

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934 at…

    • circa 1944

    The device depicted is likely one of the models constructed for the National Defense Research Committee.

    Developed from a Linus Pauling design during WWII, the technology behind Beckman Instruments’ oxygen analyzers…

    • 1938-Jan-11

    Hand-drawn floor plan of DuPont nylon pilot plant. DuPont operated pilot plants in both Wilmington and Seaford, Delaware, but it is unknown which pilot plant this diagram depicts.

    • Undated

    The Helipot Corporation was founded during World War II by Arnold O. Beckman of Beckman Instruments (at that time still National Technical Laboratories) to keep up with the demand for Beckman's reliable dial, also…

    • Undated

    Instructions and a visual diagram for hooking up 3 #5540 batteries to power a Beckman Model G pH Meter. These three smaller batteries could replace a single, large 22.5 volt battery. This diagram was written on Bob…

    • circa 1957

    This electrode was first used inside Beckman Instruments pH meters and later in many other instruments.