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    • The Dropsical Woman

    This engraving, by the French printmaker Jean Baptiste Fosseyeux, reproduces an original painting by Gerrit Dou. The work, titled "The Dropsical Woman," shows a young but finely-robed doctor examining the urine of a…

    • 1747

    This engraving by Thomas Major, after a painting of the same subject by David Teniers II, shows a "country surgeon" at work, treating the foot of a patient. As the surgeon bends down to apply a leech to the man's foot,…

    • The Hippocratic Grimoire
    • 1740 – 1790

    An engraving by F. Basan, after the painting by David Teniers II. The inscription below this work, Le Grimoire d'Hypocrate, refers to Hippocrates, a Greek physician often called the father of medicine in Western…

    • 1755

    Engraved by Thomas Major after a painting of the same subject by David Teniers II, this print shows a young alchemist in a cap and apron working a pair of bellows before an open hearth. Distillation vessels, open books,…

    • Goodness, poverty, middle age, youth. Who makes of it misfortune or happiness.
    • 1760 – 1800

    This etching by Francesco Pedro, for Nicollo Cavalli of Venice, reproduces a painting by Francesco Maggiotto. The scene shows four individuals in a humble workroom, gathered around a brazier full of coals. The central…

    • 1740 – 1790

    This engraving by J. Tardieu reproduces a painting of the same subject by David Teniers II. An older man with a lined, wizened face sits in a chair before a table, intently reading an open book. Before him sits a globe,…

    • circa 1900 – 1965

    This work reproduces a painting by Wijck in the collections of the Rijksmuseum. The alchemist, seated at his desk before the window, looks down to survey the progress of his assistant. The young boy holds up a basin for…

    • circa 1858 – 1880

    This bird's-eye aerial view of Paris by engraver Marie-Hilaire Guesnu (1802-1880) shows the Bois de Boulogne, a large park located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, on the western edge of the city. The park was…

    • 1900 – 1950

    This 20th-century color lithograph reproduction of an early-19th-century engraving shows a pink and white striped balloon rising above a pastoral landscape. In the balloon basket are two small figures. The campus of…

    • Emblem 35. As Ceres accustomed Triptolemus to stay in the fire and Thetis did to Achilles, so the master does to the stone.
    • 1618
    • Emblem 31. The king swimming in the sea cries out with a loud voice: He that delivers me shall have a great reward.
    • 1618
    • Emblem 21. Make of the man and woman a circle, of that a quadrangle, of this a triangle, of the same a circle and you will have the stone of the Philosophers.
    • 1618