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    • Keystone funnel
    • 2016

    A: Blue plastic funnel with B: cap used to hold filter paper. Funnel is designed to fit on two 2-liter soda bottles (with cap on) or on the top of a jerrycan (without cap).

    In 2016 Dr. Theresa Dankovish's company,…

    • 2007

    Plastic tube with purple flip cap. Hollow fibers inside tube filters contaminants from water. Purple string attached to one end of tube.

    LifeStraw is a personal and mobile water purification tool developed as a…

    • after 1940

    Clear glass measuring cup used to measure the volume of liquid. Cup has red measurement indicators (printed directly on the glass) for ounces and cups, a spout, and a closed handle. The trademarked "PYREX" logo is…

    • 1920

    A type of early intrauterine device (IUD) also known as a cervicouterine device or pessary. Curved disk with long coil stem attached to plate of disk. Coil opens into a wishbone shape with two arms. Arms are held…

    • 1880 – 1899

    This leather case, most likely a domestic kit designed for home use, appears to contain vials of powder China paint pigments, which are commonly used on porcelain/ceramic.

    Folding black leather case that can be secured…

    • circa 1890

    Brass cup-shaped receptacle used when crushing or grinding ingredients. Side of receptacle has two handles. Grooves along top and bottom circumference.

    • 1752

    Bowls like this one were used to catch the blood released by bleeding. The appearance of blood was a useful diagnostic tool for physicians, who examined it for clues about the body's internal state. This large bowl was…

  1. Hand sprayer with wooden hand pump and metal canister labeled "FLIT" in yellow text on blue banner. Marching soldier graphic. Metal canister attached at front end of sprayer with metal screw cap.

  2. Tanglefoot brand electronic pesticide sprayer with brown bottle and electrical cord attached to canister. Body is made of tin with glass inside. Black metal screw cap, metal sprayer (which connects to brown bottle), and…

  3. Pesticide bellows with wooden handles, expandable leather pouch, and tip. Instructions attached to object.

  4. Air-Way brand pesticide vacuum sprayer with glass jar and box.

    A. Glass jar with small label. Text reads "Moth Control Especially Prepared For Use with Wirl A Way Insector."
    B. Metal, blue Wirl-A-Way sprayer with two…

  5. Black Flag brand round metal sprayer with black text on yellow label. Small rubber cap.

  6. Cornelius brand pesticide sprayer.

    A. First of two identical brown bottles.
    B. Metal sprayer attachment engraved "MFG BY CORNELIUS..." with rubber knob.
    C. Second of two identical brown bottles.
    D. Cardboard box for…

  7. Metal pesticide fumigator, box, rope electrical cord, instructions, and record log.

    A. Small, metal cup with plastic bottom, two prongs, and metal handle.
    B. Blue rope electrical cord.
    C. Box with red and blue text on…

  8. Arnold brand pesticide garden hose sprayer.

    A. Metal and green plastic garden hose attachment. Long neck with sprayer tip and valve near garden hose attachment area. Green plastic tube holds pesticide chemicals.

  9. Hand sprayer with wooden hand pump and metal canister labeled "FlyDed" in white text with blue outline on bright orange background. Green glass jar attached with metal screw cap at front end of sprayer.

  10. Hand sprayer with wooden hand pump and metal canister labeled "Fly-Tox" in red text on blue and white background. Round metal canister with screw cap attached to front end of sprayer.