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    • circa 1520 – 1540

    Found in its original plain binding of parchment, this work was most likely compiled by a practitioner of alchemy and medicine. Containing a handwritten copy of Liber lucis by John of Rupescissa (Johannes de Rupescissa)…

    • circa 1959 – 1966

    This folder contains notes written by Robert E. Kohler concerning chemical syntheses from R. B. Woodward's seminar lectures, specifically his Thursday Evening Seminars predating the formulation of the Woodward-Hoffmann…

    • 1931-Aug-25

    The handwritten document was created in connection with Arnold O. Beckman's consulting work for Lee de Forest.

    • 1854 – 1855

    Notebook containing 49 pages of laboratory notes taken by Charles F. Chandler in Göttingen as a pupil of Professor Friedrich Wöhler in 1854 and in Berlin as a pupil of Professor Heinrich Rose in 1855. In these pages,…

    • 1891 – 1893

    Letter copying book containing accounting reports and business correspondence of Herbert H. Dow as head of the Midland Chemical Company, 1891-1893. The Midland Chemical Company was Dow's second commercial venture, and…

    • 1936-Aug

    This report outlines the colorimetric and electrical ways to determine the pH of a solution and the various kinds of electrodes that can be used with electrical instruments. Beckman concludes that a method using glass…

    • 1956

    Although the author is unknown, these instructions were most likely written by a Beckman Instruments employee. This glass electrode was used in Beckman pH meters.

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934 at…

    • Praeparatio Mercurii ad Lapidem per Regulu/am ♂ [Martis] ✱tum [Stellatum] et Lunam, ex MSS. Phi Americani
    • after 1670 – before 1678

    The manuscript—"On the Preparation of the [Sophick] Mercury for the [Philosophers'] stone by means of the stellate regulus of Mars [i.e. iron] and Luna [i.e. silver] from the Manuscripts of the American Philosopher"—was…

    • 1954-Sep-26

    These handwritten notes on glass electrodes appear to be signed Noel B. Brayman.

    Glass electrodes were used in Beckman pH meters and various other instruments.

    • The Precious New Pearl
    • circa 1450 – 1480

    This is one of only six known complete manuscripts of a 14th-century alchemical treatise; all the extant manuscripts date from the 15th century or later. This copy includes lengthy contemporary glosses, possibly…

    • 1946-Apr-08

    Handwritten and -drawn notes detail the resistors used in the Model F pH meter.

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934 at the request of a chemist from the California citrus industry, who needed an accurate…

    • 1955-May-10

    The handwritten notes appear to be signed Noel Brayman.

    Glass electrodes were used in Beckman pH meters and various other instruments.

    • Final draft
    • 1955-Feb-25

    The foldering of this document suggests it was written by Edwin Arthur. As in a 1957 document, "beauty" was the first criteria to be evaluated.

    The glass electrodes were used in Beckman pH meters and various other…

    • Remarks by Edwin P. Arthur before the Los Angeles Section of the American Ceramic Society March 9, 1955
    • 1955-Mar-09

    In his address to the American Ceramic Society, Edwin Arthur discussed the importance of pH--and, by extension, the measurement of pH with Beckman instruments--in the work of ceramists.

    Arnold Beckman invented his…

    • 1954-Mar-28

    This series of handwritten and -drawn notes relates to the development of the Beckman DU-X2 spectrophotometer. One of the pages appears to be missing.

    The first Beckman Instruments DU Spectrophotometer was developed in…

    • 1944-Jun-30
    • 1952-Feb
    • 1953-May

    The included reports are "The Pauling Oxygen Meter" by Reuben E. Wood and David P. Shoemaker, 1944; "Final Report Contract Nonr 388(00): Research Covering Develpment of an Onoxia Warning Device for Use in High-altitude…

    • after 1849 – before 1895

    Handwritten lecture notes with diagrams prepared by Louis Pasteur for a lecture to the National Academy of Medicine on the subject of crystal structures, tartaric acid, and arsenites. This work led to the field of…

    • 1960s

    The notes, which appear to be written in the same hand, may have been authored by James C. Sternberg.

    The Glucose Analyzer was developed by James Sternberg in 1969 and was one of several very successful medical…

    • Undated

    This account of Howard Cary's life covers the period from his birth to his initial contact with National Technology Laboratories and brief discussion of his later involvement with pH meter development. He devotes a fair…

    • Personal Recollections of Arnold O. Beckman
    • Undated

    The account focuses on the early days of Beckman's entrepreneurial endeavors, from Robert Millikan referring I. H. Lyons to Beckman for assistance with National Postal Meter Company inks through the renting of a new…

    • 1812-Aug-16

    Letter in French from Giovanni Antonio Giobert (1761-1834), an Italian chemist and mineralogist after whom the mineral giobertite has been named, to Count Chanteloup. Dated August 16, 1812, the letter concerns a sample…

    • 1787-May-07

    Manuscript letter from Marsilio Landriani (1751-1815), chemist, physicist and meteorologist, to a naturalist. Written on May 7, 1787, the letter deals with several topics including the work of Lavoisier, Guyton de…

    • 1959-May-26 – 1960-Jan-25

    Notebook #321 kept by Robert Bruce Merrifield from May 26, 1959 through January 25, 1960 in which he sets out his general conception of solid phase peptide synthesis. This work earned him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in…

    • Genesis of MRI notebook
    • 1971-Sep-02 – 1971-Sep-07

    Notebook used by Paul C. Lauterbur to document the genesis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The notebook is titled, "Spatially Resolved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments - General Idea and Some Potential…