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    • 1940 – 1949

    This vessel is believed to be one of the original fermentation pans used by researchers at Oxford University to produce penicillin in the 1940s.

    Rectangular porcelain vessel used for growing penicillin; sealed at all…

    • 1958

    Hollow 8 mm tube of crimped, flexible Dacron, offwhite in color, and pink orange product label housed in original sealed plastic bag.

    • circa 1890

    Long, thin tin cylinder container with paper label and small cap. Cap opens to reveal roll of cream-colored bandage.

  1. Black case that opens by pressing in bronze button to reveal bright blue satin interior lining. Inside, the bottom half of the case holds a paper hemoglobin color chart secured to a white plastic mount; the top half of…

  2. Case opens to reveal thick glass microscope slide with a rectangular indentation that creates a chamber. This chamber is engraved with a grid of perpendicular lines as well as the depth, maker name, and origin.


    • 1920

    Curved disk with long coil stem attached to plate of disk. Coil opens into a wishbone shape with two arms. Arms are held together during insertion.

    • after 1960

    White plastic medicine bottle with safety cap. Bottle contains tablets and original inner seal is intact. White, dark red, and yellow label adhered to bottle reads "Enovid".

    The ubiquitous bottle has a long history.…

    • 1752

    Bowls like this one were used to catch the blood released by bleeding. The appearance of blood was a useful diagnostic tool for physicians, who examined it for clues about the body's internal state. This large bowl was…

    • 1988
    • 1910 – 2007

    Small glass Bayer orange flavoured children's chewable aspirin bottle with pink plastic cap, 36 tablet size.

    • 1910 – 2007

    Small glass Bayer flavoured children's size aspirin bottle with pink plastic cap, 36 tablet size, containing pink tablets.

  3. Circular glass container with black screw cap lid. Container is filled with white ointment. Brown paper label reads "RAY-NOX" in light brown text.

    This early sunscreen, 10-15% PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid or…

    • 1900 – 1915

    Metal canister/dispenser of waxed dental floss; 150 yards; removable cap top.

  4. Jar of "Poslam" brand anti-itching cream; in plastic shrink wrap.

    • 1997 – 2011

    Small cylindrical plastic white bottle with safety cap used for holding pills. Medicine bottle is empty.

    • 1910 – 2007
    • 2008

    Plastic Bayer aspirin bottle, 50 tablet size, contains tablets.

    • Plantago Psyllium L for Constipation, A Normal Bowel Regulator
    • 1920s

    Light gold painted metal can and lid both with extensive black and gold lettering and decoration. The main label reads "NATURALAX." Lid is rusted shut but the can appears to be full.

    • 1800s

    Gold painted metal can and lid both with extensive dark blue lettering and decoration.The main label reads "LANGLEBERT'S PSYLLIUM SEEDS." The can is full of small brown psyllium seeds, a source of soluble dietary fiber.

    • Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid, A Natural Vegetable Powder for Treatment of Constipation
    • before 1985

    White plastic container with white painted screw capped metal lid. The main label is "Metamucil." Extensive descriptive and use information is printed on the container in green. The container is full with original seal…