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    • 1689

    Robert Boyle in long curled wig, white neck cravat and sleeves, black coat; seated facing right with head turned three quarters left, looking out; turning page of book with left hand and gesturing toward book with…

    • circa 1920

    Portrait of Paul Erhlich, recipient of the 1908 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his contributions to immunology. Ehrlich was a German Jewish physician and scientist who worked in the fields of hematology,…

    • 1930

    Portrait of Reinhart Geiger standing, facing left; dressed in cap, blue coat, and gloves; holding oil can; locomotive in background; train tracks in lower right.

    Gilded frame with label: "REINHART GEIGER / LOCOMOTIVE…

    • 1930

    Standing portrait of George Trapp, a blue-collar worker, looking left; dressed in work clothes including a cap, white shirt, vest, and smock; holding the neck of a green glass carboy in left hand; to left, crates used…

    • 1980

    William Henry Perkin depicted in his laboratory. Perkin, center, examines test dyeing of silk taffeta with mauve aniline dye. Left, his father, the backer of the plant, stands behind Perkin and admires the fabric. In…