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    • 1965 – 1985

    The brochure includes a map, list of personnel, and illustration of the Cedar Grove, New Jersey location of Beckman Instruments. Though undated, the brochure was created sometime between Beckman's acquisition of…

    • circa 1968

    This description of Beckman's past and current Air Force contracts served as a cover sheet for a reprint discussing the Polarographic Oxygen Sensor. The miniaturized system was designed to be operated by the pilot, with…

    • No. 36, Spring 1966
    • 1966

    Helinews was an in-house publication devoted to the products of Beckman's Helipot Division. This issue featured a two-page spread detailing the process of manufacturing cermet trimmers.

    • Vol. IV, No. 1
    • 1964

    Beckman Bits was produced to highlight the Beckman Instruments Systems Division's aerospace equipment and projects. In addition to project summaries, it contains photographs and original artwork depicting spacecraft and…

    • Bulletin CS-632
    • circa 1963

    The brochure describes the operation, application, and specifications of a system designed to monitor oxygen partial pressure in pilots' masks and helmets and warn them when levels dip dangerously low. An artist's…

    • Bulletin CS-631
    • circa 1963

    The brochure provides an overview of Beckman's divisions--Berkeley, Helipot, Offner, Scientific and Process Instruments, Special Projects, Spinco, and Systems--and highlights solutions provided to clients needing…

    • 1960-Oct

    The Glenrothes Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 8, October 1960 includes community news, letters to the editor, opinion pieces, advertisements, and, on page 17, an article about Beckman Instruments, Inc.'s 25th anniversary.

    • CS-60-1005
    • 1960-Sep

    This brochure advertises an oxygen sensor used to monitor the air in space capsules, submarines, space suits, fallout shelters, and decompression chambers.

    • circa 1959

    This brochure highlights the transistor diode's use for computers, telephony, control, and pulse circuitry.

    In 1955, Arnold O. Beckman and William Shockley entered business together when they established Shockley…

    • circa 1959

    This brochure highlights sawtooth oscillator, pulse generator, bistable, and ring counter applications for the NPNP silicon switch.

    In 1955, Arnold O. Beckman and William Shockley entered business together when they…

    • Bulletin 92-F
    • 1959-Oct

    The brochure outlines the importance of pH, Beckman's expertise, and several instruments: the Pocket pH meter, the Model G, the Model N, and the Zeromatic pH meter.

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934 at…

    • Product Data Sheet O2—8120
    • 1950s

    Developed from a Linus Pauling design during WWII, the technology behind Beckman Instruments’ oxygen analyzers ended up doing such diverse jobs as monitoring astronauts’ respiration, maintaining packaged food safety,…

    • Technical Bulletin T-400
    • 1957-Aug

    This staple-bound booklet was a reprint from Electronic Industries & Tele-Tech. It was part of the in-house research library of Beckman Industries; a pocket for a library checkout card is affixed to the back cover.


    • Vol. 2, No. 1
    • 1956

    The brochure discusses the IR-4 spectrophotometer, scheduled for introduction at the Pittsburgh Conference. It also includes brief profiles of the "New Infrared Team": Lee Cahn, William Ward, Norbert Kabuss, and Joseph…

    • 1956

    The booklet describes the organization responsible for the Fifth Annual Southern California Science Fair, held in April at the Los Angeles County Museum. A list of student exhibitors includes their name, grade, exhibit…

    • 1956

    The pamphlet provides an overview of the rules, prizes, and purpose of the Southern California Science Fair, held April 14-20, 1956, at the Los Angeles County Museum. Beckman Instruments was a sponsor of the Science…

    • Number 4
    • 1955-Feb

    This in-house publication includes a story about the filming of "Success Story," the company's new Spinco division, and the "feminine talent" in the Cables and Resistors department.

    • circa 1955

    The brochure discusses the use of the IR-2 spectrophotometer in an air pollution study. Though undated, the referenced instrument models and logo narrow the date of the brochure's publication to somewhere between the…

    • A Policy Statement by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
    • 1955-Sep-29

    This trifold brochure lays out the scientific findings about the problem of smog in Los Angeles, as well as a plan for action, progress to date, and a request for cooperation.

    Beckman Instruments, Inc. became…

    • 1955

    The pamphlet provides an overview of the rules, prizes, and purpose of the Southern California Science Fair, held April 23-29, 1955, at the Los Angeles County Museum. The following year, Beckman Instruments would become…

    • Number 5
    • 1955-May

    This in-house publication features a story on the creation of a credit union, employee recreation, the filming of "Success Story," the company's presence at the Pittsburgh Symposium, and Lee de Forest's visit to a…

    • 1954

    The booklet was sent to Arnold Beckman in response to his speech about public education. It contains a checklist and questions you can use to determine if your child's school is socialist or otherwise influenced by…

    • 1948 – 1954

    Advertising brochure for Ac'cent, a pure mono sodium glutamate (MSG) food additive product manufactured by the Amino Products Division of the International Minerals & Chemical Corporation.

    • circa 1954

    Promotional brochure for the Vanadium Corporation of America's forthcoming research center in Cambridge, Ohio circa 1954. The brochure, which includes a map of the 30,000 square foot campus, details how the new center…

    • Beckman Reprint R-38
    • 1950-Jun

    Beckman Instruments reprinted and distributed this paper, originally published in Analytical Chemistry Vol. 22, No. 6, June 1950.