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    • 1906 (Publication)
    • 1891 (Creation)

    Robert Wilhelm Bunsen was born March 30, 1811 in Göttingen and died August 16, 1899 in Heidelberg. He was a German inventor, chemist, and professor whose light studies created the field of spectrum analysis.

    Sir Henry…

    • 1906 (Publication)
    • 1862 (Creation)

    Photographic portrait of Robert W. Bunsen, Gustav Kirchhoff, and Henry E. Roscoe. In the book Roscoe explains that the photograph was taken during a visit of Bunsen and Kirchhoff to Manchester while Roscoe was chair of…

    • 1906 (Publication)

    A photographic portrait of Henry Enfield Roscoe writing at a desk at his home, Woodcote Lodge in 1906. The photograph was taken by a photographer from Elliot & Fry studio and printed by Emery Walker.
    A photomechanical…

    • 1985-Apr

    The photo album documents 50th anniversary celebrations at the Japanese subsidiary of Beckman Instruments, established in Tokyo in 1977. A number of pictured individuals are identified. Unused pages of the album have…

    • Bulletin 423-A
    • 1956-Sep

    The binder includes several proforma invoices, photographs, and Bulletin 423-A: Operating and Maintenance Instructions, IR4 Infrared Spectrophotometer.

    The Beckman Instruments IR spectrophotometers began as a request…

    • 1985-Apr-11 – 1985-Apr-12

    The album includes invitations and photographs taken at two events held at Rockefeller University. The April 11th reception and dinner celebrated Arnold Beckman's birthday. The April 12th symposium was held in honor of…

    • 1960s

    This series of photographs includes the instrument, photographs depicting individual components, and single photographs of some of those components: the mirror subassembly, suspension unit housing subassembly, wiring,…

    • circa 1962

    Beckman made thirteen carbon dioxide atmospheric analysis systems used by NASA in the Mercury flights.

    The mounted photograph is captioned: "Beckman Hypoxia Warning System - consisting of sensor, amplifier, and…

    • 1950 – 1969

    The labeled illustration depicts the interior of a potentiometer.

    Potentiometers regulate the flow of electricity, like the volume dial on a radio. In 1940, Arnold O. Beckman was unsatisfied with dials on the market,…

    • 1955

    In 1955, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce visited Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France, and England to promote Southern California to European politicians and industrialists.

    Identified individuals…

    • Undated
    • 1955-Nov
    • 1956-Aug-03
    • 1954-May-10

    The devices pictured include the Model 2020 Decimatic Scaler, miniature magnetic amplifiers, Model 5001 counter, Model 5824 Numerical Controller, and URD-9 RADIAC radiation detector.

    • 1970s

    This instrument was used for a wide range of applications, including measuring nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere and in automobile emissions.

    Beckman Instruments, Inc. became interested in measuring, controlling, and…

    • 1960s

    This series of photographs shows Beckman facilities and staff in the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. Exterior photographs are labeled with street addresses; interior shots provide descriptions of the…

    • 1960

    This scrapbook documents a September 20, 1960 Board of Directors visit to the Beckman plant in Glenrothes, Fife in Scotland. The book contains a map and several photographs of news stories related to Beckman's Scotland…

    • after 1969

    This series of photographs may have been created in a laboratory in Japan. The set includes various views of the glucose analyzer, sample cell, pump, stirrer, oxygen sensor, check valve, and syringe. Descriptive…

    • circa 1955-Dec-07

    Group photograph of attendees at the Molecular Quantum Mechanics Conference in Austin, Texas in 1955. Along with the photograph is a list of participants, which included John Pople, Rudolph Pariser, Michael Barnett, and…

    • 1955

    This series of photographs documents the creation of "Success Story," which aired on KTTV and was sponsored by the Richfield Oil Corporation. One episode profiled Beckman Instruments and featured behind-the-scenes…

    • circa 1981

    Multimeters are instruments capable of making multiple measurements, typically voltage, current, and resistance.

    • circa 1955

    This device was used to measure the radiation levels of the hands and feet of men and women working in areas where radiation may exist.
    Berkeley Scientific Company merged with Beckman Instruments, Inc. in 1955, and…

    • 1957-Nov-06
    • 1957-Nov-13

    In this memo, Jan Haagen-Smit includes a labeled photograph of the testing set-up for the Beckman oxygen electrode, which includes Beckman Oxygen Analyzers. The memo (but not the photograph) in this digitized image is a…