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    • 1955

    This series of photographs documents the creation of "Success Story," which aired on KTTV and was sponsored by the Richfield Oil Corporation. One episode profiled Beckman Instruments and featured behind-the-scenes…

    • 1969-Feb-27

    The press release describes a vibration mill used to prepare materials for analysis by infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, powder metallurgy, and other techniques.

    • 1969-May-23

    The press release announces the appointments of Robert J. Baumann, Edward B. Bell, and Louis T. Rosso to new roles within the company.

    • 1969-Jun-23

    The press release announces the availability of the Model 3108 Analog-to-Teletype Coupler.

    • 1969-Oct-22

    The press release announces the receipt of John C. Vaalar Awards for the Model 735 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer, the Continuous Particle Electrophoresis System, the Model 915 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, and the OMEGA…

    • 1970-Sep-25

    The press release announces the introduction of the Model 866 Power Amplifier.

    • 1976-Jul-14

    The press release announces physical education professor Claude Allard's "Study of Man in Motion," operating in conjunction with an anthropological study. A mobile van, including equipment supplied by Beckman…

    • 1976-Sep-23

    This press release announcing the discontinuation of the DU spectrophotometer served as a retrospective of the instrument's development and significance.

    The first Beckman Instruments DU Spectrophotometer was developed…

    • 1976-Jul-10

    The press release describes the features of two new models: the 7001, intended for use in applications such as desalination, and the 7002, designed for continuous monitoring of streams, rivers, and industrial effluents.…

    • 1978-Sep-01

    The press release announces the Series 830000 Sensor Assemblies for relative humidity and temperature sensing.

    • 1978-Sep-15

    The release details components of the Samplair Automated Dichotomous Particulate Sampling System, which debuted at the Instrument Society of America show.

    • 1978-Dec-06

    The press release discusses the Accutrace 100 and Accutrace 200 Electroencephalographs, including specifications, options, and pricing.

    • 1978-Dec-07

    The kit included buffers, storage solution, rinse, and a storage rack. Beckman oxygen electrodes were first used in their pH meters and later with other instruments.

    • 1978-Dec-11

    The press release announces the appointment of Joseph P. Addonizio as operations manager of Diagnostic Operations, a part of Beckman's Biological and Fine Chemicals Division.

    • 1979-Jun-15

    The support stand made it easier to move electrodes between samples without tipping or using the electrodes' vertical alignment.

    • 1979-Jun-15

    The press release describes the Model 590 HC/CO Analyzer, approved for use in four states for vehicle exhaust analysis.

    • circa 1981

    Multimeters are instruments capable of making multiple measurements, typically voltage, current, and resistance.

    • 1981-May-21

    The press release discusses the Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Card Test for the detection of syphilis.

    • 1981-May-01

    The press release announces the addition of Series 83 Relative Humidity and Temperature Climate Sensors and Series 54 Moisture/Temperature Transmitters to its Hygroline product line.

    • 1981-May-01

    The press release announces an assay for precisely measuring, rather than estimating, rheumatoid factor.