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    • 1858

    Early examples of paper chromatography from German chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, who is considered to be the originator of the analytic technique. Runge investigated the color reactions of various chemical…

    • Shades on Feathers
    • Teintures sur Plumes

    Sample book with dyeing instructions and an 18-section foldout containing 143 dyed feathers.

    • Impression sur laine
    • Prints on Wool
    • 1912

    Sample book with printing instructions and 244 dyed and printed wool fabric samples.

    • Fashion Shades
    • Couleurs Mode
    • Undated

    Sample book with dyeing instructions and 32 mounted fabric samples.

    • Picture of a human hand according to the X-ray method
    • Part of Zeitschrift für Elektrochemie [Journal of Electrochemistry], Vol. 2
    • 1895 – 1896
    • X-ray photograph of two hands clasped together
    • Part of Zeitschrift für Elektrochemie [Journal of Electrochemistry], Vol. 3
    • 1896 – 1897
    • 1529 (M.D.XXIX)

    A device for raising water, the Archimedean screw consists of an external cylinder surrounding a screw. The bottom of the cylinder and screw must be immersed in water, which is not correctly depicted here. If the…

    • 1529 (M.D.XXIX)

    First edition published by Heinrich Stayner of De re militari, a classic work on the science of making war by Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, commonly referred to as Vegetius, a writer from the Later Roman Empire…

    • 1957

    Cover features the image of a boy playing with a chemistry set flanked by a man working in an industrial lab; interior has a yellow plastic compartment tray that houses the multiple components of the kit; components…

    • Praxis Artolloriae Pyrotechnicae
    • Complete Instruction on the Making of Rockets, Fire-, Water- and Storm-Bullets, Grenades, Pitch- and Storm-Wreaths and Every Kind of Delightful and Serious Fireworks
    • 1660
    • 1660

    Fig. 104: Double hackbut or large wall gun.
    Fig. 105: Diagram of a loading shovel for artillery.
    Fig. 106: Diagram to calculate the caliber of stone ball relative to the mouth of the barrel.