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    • 1954-Nov-26

    Glenn Joseph expresses appreciation for a tour of Beckman's Fullerton plant and the gift of a pH meter themed desk set.

    In the 1930s, Joseph approached Beckman for assistance measuring pH for the citrus industry. The…

    • Some Indicated Current Actions on the Smog Problem
    • 1955-Aug-04

    The contents of Wright's memo formed the agenda of a later meeting of the Air Pollution Committee of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

    • 1955-Jun-07

    In this memo to the General Manager of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Beckman summarized the work done to date on Regulation VII.

    • 1956-Jan-25

    Beckman's address as incoming president of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce references major challenges, including air pollution. A list of incoming officers and directors is included, along with minor annotations in…

    • 1931-Aug-20

    Arnold O. Beckman applied (ultimately unsuccessfully) for a job at E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. The letter includes details of his work experience, publications, and educational background, including a…

    • 1954-Nov-24

    This letter was written in response to Arnold O. Beckman's congratulations to Linus Pauling upon winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

    • 1955

    This survey was distributed at the Statewide Conference on Air Pollution Legislation, held in San Francisco on February 21, 1955. Beckman's comments and changes were incorporated into the final version distributed at…

    • 1950-Dec-26 – 1951-Aug-07

    These internal memos document a year's worth of human resources and other personnel decisions made at National Technical Laboratories, the precursor to Beckman Instruments. Some entries may have been written by Arnold…

    • 1952-Nov-19

    This letter suggests Beckman might be interested in commercial development of de Forest's new invention, a "sandwich, non-vacuous, light amplifier."

    • 1936-Nov-10

    Lee de Forest states that he returned from a trip to Chicago to find his company in financial disarray. He regrets that Beckman's contracted work was continued, despite an inability to pay for it, and assures him that…

    • 1936-Oct-09

    Lee de Forest states that he has "temporarily become disassociated from the activities of De Forest Television Corporation" and advises Beckman to retain any equipment currently in his possession.

    Lee de Forest…

    • circa 1936

    The receipt lists materials the De Forest Television Corporation received from Arnold O. Beckman. The memorandum concerns work Beckman performed for the American Television Corporation, the De Forest Television…

    • 1936-Jul-02

    Lee de Forest discusses testing Beckman's film-coating process with antimony. A sample of antimony paper is included.

    • 1934-May-28

    Arnold O. Beckman provides an overview of the vacuum film-coating process developed for Lee de Forest. The process successfully coated film with magnesium, lead, bismuth, aluminum, and silver. The letter is apparently…

    • 1934-May-10

    In this letter, de Forest discusses the possibility of using chemicals to fight forest fires.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum tubes in the early twentieth century. His serial…

    • 1931-Nov-09

    In this letter, de Forest proposes a process that could replace halftone film.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum tubes in the early twentieth century. His serial business ventures…

    • 1931-Oct-22

    De Forest inquires about Beckman's progress toward a chemical coating that might change in opacity or color, and details the "very fine and uniform quality" of silver coated film de Forest is able to produce.

    Lee de…

    • 1931-Oct-09

    The letter discusses the "very nice results" of using new Eastman film and queries as to the possible effects of light upon silvering solution.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum…

    • 1931-Sep-09

    The letter requests deliverables of 100 feet of silvered film, and two 10 foot pieces with a silver coating on emulsion film and clear stock.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum…

    • 1931-Aug-25

    The handwritten document was created in connection with Arnold O. Beckman's consulting work for Lee de Forest.

    • 1931-Jul-18

    Arnold O. Beckman, then an assistant professor of chemistry at Caltech, offers his assistance as a consulting chemist.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum tubes in the early…

    • 1957-Sep-20

    Architect William Pereira writes to invite Arnold O. Beckman to a dinner in celebration of an award for the Helipot building in Newport Beach, California. The Pereira & Luckman-designed building was to be honored as one…

    • 1947-Aug-15

    This letter includes a report on existing Beckman trademarks as of 1947, including information on the "acidimeter" and the point at which that instrument became known as the pH meter (1935).

    • 1945-Aug-11

    In this letter, Prentiss shares his initial impressions of a prototype aircraft oxygen meter.

    Developed from a Linus Pauling design during WWII, the technology behind Beckman Instruments’ oxygen analyzers ended up…

    • 1945-Nov-14

    In this handwritten letter, Prentiss discusses reports on the oxygen meter contracts and the possibility of working for Phillips Petroleum, despite his lack of enthusiasm for relocating to Oklahoma.

    Developed from a…