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    • circa 1965

    It is unclear how this model of oxygen analyzer relates to the instrument invented by Linus Pauling (and produced by Beckman) during World War II.

    • Undated

    The Atmosphere Analyzer (center) is shown with a Harold Kruger Instruments spectrophotomer (left) and a Texas Instruments Servo/riter output machine.

    • circa 1959

    Developed from a Linus Pauling design during WWII, the technology behind Beckman Instruments’ oxygen analyzers ended up doing such diverse jobs as monitoring astronauts’ respiration, maintaining packaged food safety,…

    • circa 1959

    This nurse is monitoring the oxygen levels of a prematurely born infant in an incubator, to provide just the right oxygen mixture. Too little oxygen has obvious repercussions, but until the 1950s doctors did not realize…

    • circa 1959

    A nurse uses a Beckman Oxygen Meter to monitor the oxygen flowing through an isolette containing a baby. Monitoring oxygen flow greatly reduced the rate of blindness (retrolental fibroplasia) among premature infants in…