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    • 1977

    Recruitment advertisement for Beckman Instruments, which capitalizes on how the company's products make the world a better place for human beings to live.

    • 1975

    This recruitment advertisement for Beckman Instruments builds on the success of its line of automobile instruments, designed to analyze the functions of an engine and to minimize air pollution.

    • 1974

    Advertisement for the many Beckman Instruments products that are used in hospital and health services, including glucose analyzers, liquid scintillation counters, spectrophotometers, and oxygen analyzers (among many…

    • 1971

    Congratulations to CalTech, who in 1971 had the oldest Beckman Instruments pH meter still in operating condition according to this advertisement. The Model F was introduced in 1936 and the Model G in 1937, back when…

    • 1973

    This advertisement for the Beckman Instruments' pHASAR I pH meter is staged on the set of the 1973 science fiction television show, Search.

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934 at the request of a chemist…

    • 1981

    This advertisement depicts Beckman Instruments as an active participant in building humanity's future through high-tech scientific instruments. Spectrophotometers, pH meters, nuclear counters, HPLC (high performance…