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    • 1981-Jun-02

    The press release discusses rotors for the L8-80, L8-70, and L8-55 ultracentrifuges.

    • 1981-Jun-01

    The press release describes the specifications of the Type CEL-VDT( ) Y15 expoxy conductivity cells.

    • 1981-May-05

    The press release announces two multimeters, the Tech 350 and Tech 360, and includes specifications and pricing information.

    • 1981-May-01

    The press release announces an assay for precisely measuring, rather than estimating, rheumatoid factor.

    • 1981-May-01

    The press release announces the addition of Series 83 Relative Humidity and Temperature Climate Sensors and Series 54 Moisture/Temperature Transmitters to its Hygroline product line.

    • Bulletin CS-632
    • circa 1963

    The brochure describes the operation, application, and specifications of a system designed to monitor oxygen partial pressure in pilots' masks and helmets and warn them when levels dip dangerously low.

    • Bulletin CS-631
    • circa 1963

    The brochure provides an overview of Beckman's divisions--Berkeley, Helipot, Offner, Scientific and Process Instruments, Special Projects, Spinco, and Systems--and highlights solutions provided to clients needing…

    • 1978-Dec-11

    The press release announces the appointment of Joseph P. Addonizio as operations manager of Diagnostic Operations, a part of Beckman's Biological and Fine Chemicals Division.

    • 1978-Dec-07

    The kit included buffers, storage solution, rinse, and a storage rack. Beckman oxygen electrodes were first used in their pH meters and later with other instruments.

    • 1978-Dec-06

    The press release discusses the Accutrace 100 and Accutrace 200 Electroencephalographs, including specifications, options, and pricing.

  1. Black finished cylindrical casing with three copper electrodes in a line next to product inscription; nickel knob is raised above the cylinder; outer dial goes from 0-15 (but only three digits are visible through its…

    • 1978-Sep-15

    The release details components of the Samplair Automated Dichotomous Particulate Sampling System, which debuted at the Instrument Society of America show.

    • 1978-Sep-01

    The press release announces the Series 830000 Sensor Assemblies for relative humidity and temperature sensing.

    • 1979-Jun-15

    The press release describes the Model 590 HC/CO Analyzer, approved for use in four states for vehicle exhaust analysis.

    • 1979-Jun-15

    The support stand made it easier to move electrodes between samples without tipping or using the electrodes' vertical alignment.

    • Product Data Sheet O2—8120
    • 1950s

    Developed from a Linus Pauling design during WWII, the technology behind Beckman Instruments’ oxygen analyzers ended up doing such diverse jobs as monitoring astronauts’ respiration, maintaining packaged food safety,…

    • Dwg. No. 11098
    • 1957

    This electrode was first used inside Beckman Instruments pH meters and later in many other instruments.

    • Vol. 2, No. 1
    • 1956

    The brochure discusses the IR-4 spectrophotometer, scheduled for introduction at the Pittsburgh Conference. It also includes brief profiles of the "New Infrared Team": Lee Cahn, William Ward, Norbert Kabuss, and Joseph…

    • circa 1955

    The brochure discusses the use of the IR-2 spectrophotometer in an air pollution study. Though undated, the referenced instrument models and logo narrow the date of the brochure's publication to somewhere between the…

    • 1956-Aug

    The Beckman Instruments IR spectrophotometers began as a request from the Office of Rubber Reserve to Arnold O. Beckman in 1942, asking for an infrared spectrophotometer that they could use to create rubber. Under this…

    • 1986-Jun-19

    The press release announces a spectrophotometer system for use with DNA analysis.

    The first Beckman Instruments DU Spectrophotometer was developed in 1940, when the company was still called National Technical…

    • 1986-Jun-02

    The press release announces the TLA-100.3 Fixed Angle Rotor, which increases the capacity of the ultracentrifuge.

    Beckman Instruments began producing centrifuges after their January 1, 1955 acquisition of industry…