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    • 1888

    Sections include:

    A.—Qualitative analyses. Ores, minerals, etc.
    B.—Assays for, and quantitative determinations of, single constituents.
    C.—Assays and analyses of fuel, ores, minerals, technical materials and products,…

    • 1906 (Publication)
    • 1891 (Creation)

    Robert Wilhelm Bunsen was born March 30, 1811 in Göttingen and died August 16, 1899 in Heidelberg. He was a German inventor, chemist, and professor whose light studies created the field of spectrum analysis.

    Sir Henry…

    • 1899 (Creation)
    • 1906 (Publication)

    Whimsical illustration of mice in a laboratory with glassware, apparatus, and a Bunsen burner. Beatrix Potter was a niece of the author, Henry Roscoe, and created this illustration as a gift. The illustration is based…

    • 1906 (Publication)
    • 1862 (Creation)

    Photographic portrait of Robert W. Bunsen, Gustav Kirchhoff, and Henry E. Roscoe. In the book Roscoe explains that the photograph was taken during a visit of Bunsen and Kirchhoff to Manchester while Roscoe was chair of…

    • 1906 (Publication)

    A photographic portrait of Henry Enfield Roscoe writing at a desk at his home, Woodcote Lodge in 1906. The photograph was taken by a photographer from Elliot & Fry studio and printed by Emery Walker.
    A photomechanical…

    • 1906 (Publication)

    Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe lived from 1833 to 1915. He spent time studying under Robert Bunsen in Heidelberg, receiving his PhD in 1854. In 1857 Roscoe was appointed head of chemistry at Owens College, Manchester and held…

    • 1999-Dec-15

    David Golde begins the interview with a discussion of his early years and education in Bayonne, New Jersey. In high school, Golde developed an interest in medicine, which was stimulated by his biology teacher. He…

    • 1998-Mar-27 (Second session)
    • 1998-Mar-13 (First session)

    Arnold Frankel begins the first interview with a discussion of his family background. His father emigrated from Poland to New York in 1907. Though he was a sign painter, he believed in the importance of education.…

    • 2009-Sep-24 (First session)
    • 2009-Nov-23 (Second session)
    • 2010-Feb-27 (Third session)
    • 2010-Jun-28 (Fourth session)

    Herman Fialkov was born in 1922 and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Herman attended City College of New York, studying engineering. He left college to take a job with Emerson Radio Corporation attending night school at…

    • 1880 – 1899

    This leather case, most likely a domestic kit designed for home use, appears to contain vials of powder China paint pigments, which are commonly used on porcelain/ceramic.

    Folding black leather case that can be secured…

    • 1893

    Comprehensive book on the ice industry with content and illustrations on the harvesting, cutting and storing of ice; ice house construction; handling, transport and marketing of ice; the use of ice in refrigeration; ice…

    • 1949-Dec

    Newsletter issued by the Vanadium Corporation of America with articles entitled "Uranium in the Colorado Plateau Area," "Bus Springs: Wellsprings of Good Will," "The Vanadium Minerals — Part II — Mineral Sources of…

    • 1928

    Annual report including the list of directors, executive committee, finance committee and officers of the Vanadium Corporation of America, as well as the "Eighth Annual Report to Stockholders of Vanadium Corporation of…

    • 1940s

    Electric-powered meter with instructions housed in wooden box. Movable components within box: two (2) slide glass filters (1 with red, green, and blue slides; 1 with orange, green, and blue slides); one (1) encasing to…

    • 1930

    Sample book with tints and suggestions on the use of Natural Certified Food Colors in beverages, confectionery, ice cream, and other food products.

    • Shades on Feathers
    • Teintures sur Plumes

    Sample book with dyeing instructions and an 18-section foldout containing 143 dyed feathers.

    • 1889 – 1891

    This photogravure reproduces a painting by American artist Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924), who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and also spent time in France. The photogravure was part of a massive study of…

    • circa 1886

    Men with glass-blowing equipment inflate molten glass (background glow) to produce items of glassware. Two women are watching at lower right. This photogravure (by Goupil & Co.) was published in New York and was based…

    • 1883

    Small hardbound menu for a dinner held at the Hotel Brunswick on October 16, 1883 honoring Professor A. W. Hofmann.

    August Wilhelm von Hofmann was born on April 8, 1818. He studied under Justus von Liebig, and was…

    • 1988
    • 1910 – 2007

    Small glass Bayer orange flavoured children's chewable aspirin bottle with pink plastic cap, 36 tablet size.