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    • 2011-Jun-28 (Second session)
    • 2001-May-23 (First session)

    Foil A. Miller begins the interview by describing the origins of the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy [Pittcon]. Miller was involved early on with Pittcon and its two founding…

    • 2001-Dec-19

    James A. Fisher begins the interview with a description of his family and early years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating early from Yale University because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Fisher secured a…

    • Keystone funnel
    • 2016

    A: Blue plastic funnel with B: cap used to hold filter paper. Funnel is designed to fit on two 2-liter soda bottles (with cap on) or on the top of a jerrycan (without cap).

    In 2016 Dr. Theresa Dankovish's company,…

    • 1950 – 1972

    Gulf brand insecticide can with blue, white, and red text on blue and white label.

    • 1978-Oct-30

    Acknowledgement of congratulatory note on the occasion of Simon being awarded the 1978 Nobel Prize in Economics.

  1. An icon of experimental chemistry, as well as a standard piece of equipment in scientific laboratories and high school classrooms alike, the Bunsen burner was built in 1854 by Peter Desaga, an assistant in German…