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    • 2000-Aug-07 (First session)
    • 2000-Aug-08 (Second session)
    • 2000-Aug-10 (Third session)

    John Wotiz begins the interview with a description of his family and childhood years in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. Wotiz first developed an interest in chemistry from his tutor. After graduating high school, Wotiz…

    • 1993-Jul-15

    Chalmer Kirkbride begins the interview by describing his family background and childhood in Oklahoma and Kansas. During high school, Kirkbride's interests were influenced by his brother-in-law, a chemist for…

    • 1983

    Booklet about the United States nuclear energy program, which includes description of the process, types of nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel, transporting radioactive materials, and economies of nuclear power. Includes…

    • 1974-May-24

    Describes recent accomplishments of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council. Includes a passage on the significant increase of membership among "women and blacks" on NRC committees, but notes,…

    • 1968

    Illustrated throughout including chapters on fallout shelters, supplies, fire hazards and emergency care of the sick and injured. The section on major natural disasters covers floods and hurricanes, tornadoes, winter…

    • 1965

    Illustrated throughout with topics including corporate emergency planning, emergency planning at the plant and general provisions (corporate and plant levels). Also includes an industrial defense organization chart.

    • Home and garden bulletin no. 79
    • 1963-Sep (Slightly revised September 1963)

    Bulletin published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture with information furnished by the Crops Research Division, Agricultural Research Service. Contents include tips on buying herbicides, treating infestations, and…

    • 1958

    A booklet containing twenty radioactivity experiments designed by New York City teachers to be performed in biology, chemistry, and physics high school classes. The experiments deal with topics such as radioactive…

    • 1955-Oct-06

    In this letter, Emery, as secretary of the American Chemical Society, proposes Arnold Beckman as a nominee for President-Elect of the ACS. Beckman was ultimately not nominated, but his name was proposed again in 1956.

    • 1950-Apr-27

    The letter concerns importation of spectrophotometers into Germany and France, the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA), and post-war atomic energy restrictions.

    • 1950

    Illustrated throughout, this book covers topics including the principles and description of an atomic explosion; shock from air, underground and underwater bursts; physical damage; thermal radiation; nuclear radiations…

    • 1949

    This is a magazine supplement meant to inform the educational leaders of the United States about the need for schools to address atomic energy with their students. It frames atomic energy as the future of the economy …

    • Science fair exhibits
    • 1949

    Article illustrating and describing the potential for atomic energy as a subject in high school science exhibits.
    This is a magazine supplement meant to inform the educational leaders of the United States about the…

    • 1949

    "This report describes radioactive waste materials, their sources in the atomic energy program, and the methods used on processing and storing or disposing of them at atomic energy installations and at laboratories and…

    • 1949

    Illustration of an atom radiating out to four sectors of the economy: Industry, Agriculture, Medicine, and Power. This back cover of the magazine is meant to cement the idea that atomic energy is the future of business.…