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    • 1600s

    In this painting, the alchemist's face shows confusion as he studies a text, holding a flask of liquid. His young assistant stands close by and watches attentively. A collapsing pile of open books and loose pages spills…

    • after 1600 – before 1800

    This painting depicts a bustling and prosperous workshop showing a range of alchemical activities, from metallurgical work--such as the heating of a small crucible at lower left--to medical practices, demonstrated by…

    • 1600s

    A seated alchemist instructs his young apprentice in this image of a large and well-stocked apothecary's shop. The walls are lined with blue ceramic vessels likely containing medicines, tonics and purgatives, as well as…

    • after 1600 – before 1800

    This lively and richly decorated chamber presents an alchemist's workshop which is busy, productive, and filled with customers and assistants. At center, the alchemist himself--dressed in a fine satin coat with slash…

    • 1796

    A portrait of a seated Matthew Boulton (1728–1809), a British industrialist and entrepreneur. He is seated in front of a window, holding a magnifying glass and a coin. In the background is a large building.

    • 1798

    An oval bust-length portrait of Francis Lord Bacon (1561–1626), the English philosopher, lawyer, statesman, author, and scientist. Beneath is a rectangular image of a man seated on the left and standing figures on the…

    • 1800

    An oval bust-length portrait of the German chemist, physicist, and biologist Franz Karl Achard (1753–1821).

    • 1800

    An oval bust-length portrait of D. Alexander Nicolaus Scherer.

    • Portrait of a Geometrist
    • circa 1800

    A portrait of a man (possibly Athalante Legrand, a French mathematician) in academic dress seated with his right arm on a ledge, pointing to a geometric diagram.

    • 1801

    A bust-length portrait facing left in profile of Professor Joseph Black (1728–1799) in an octagonal format.

    • 1824

    An oval bust-length portrait of Eilhard Mitscherlich (1794–1863) facing right. He was a German chemist known for his law of isomorphism.

    • 1830

    A seated portrait of William Hyde Wollaston (1766–1828), English chemist and physicist. He is holding spectacles and a piece of paper.

    • 1851

    A lithograph portrait of a young Michael Faraday, looking left with his hand on his hip.

    • 1869 (Original design)
    • circa 1957 (Date attributed to slide)

    Graphic representation of the periodic table of chemical elements by Dmitri Mendeleev with additions by Edward G. Mazurs. Mendeleev originated this series table with interrupted short periods in 1869 and Mazurs…

    • circa 1957 (Date attributed to slide)
    • 1882 (Original design)

    Graphic representation of the periodic table of chemical elements constructed as a symmetrical series table with centered steps. This type of table was originated by Thomas Bayley in 1882 and classified by Mazurs as…

    • 1886 (Original design)
    • circa 1957 (Date attributed to slide)

    Graphic representation of the periodic table of chemical elements as a symmetrical series table with centered steps. This table was originated by English chemist Thomas Carnelley (1854-1890) in 1886 and classified by…

    • 1897

    General view of the Dow Chemical Company's first Berry Safety Boiler being delivered to the Plant A Power House at the company's facilities in Midland, Michigan. Two of the individuals visible in the photograph are…

    • circa 1900

    Portrait of Henry Heide (1846-1931), known in his time as the dean of American candy manufacturers. A native of Germany, Heide immigrated to the United States in 1866 and ran a retail grocery store in Pittsburgh before…

    • circa 1900

    Portrait of Herbert H. Dow (1866–1930), founder of Dow Chemical Company.

    • circa 1900

    Portrait of Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834-1907), best known for his discovery of periodic law and creation of the periodic table of elements.

    • circa 1900

    Portrait of William Francis Hillebrand (1853-1925). Hillebrand was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 12, 1853, the son of renowned botanist William Hillebrand (1821-1886). William Francis Hillebrand studied at…

    • circa 1900

    Portrait of Charles Frederick Chandler (1836-1925), an industrial chemist whose research concerning sugar refining, gas manufacturing, and chemical education greatly impacted public sanitation and health.


    • circa 1900

    Photograph depicting a group of male and female chemistry students at an unknown school or college. The students are posed holding assorted laboratory equipment and glassware. Some of the female students are also…

    • circa 1900

    General view of a horse-drawn buggy loaded with the first shipment of Dow bromides sent to Japan. This photograph was taken at Plant B at the Dow Chemical Company facilities located in Midland, Michigan.

    • circa 1900

    General exterior view of Derrick No. 1 and assorted buildings at the Dow Chemical Company Bromide plant located in Midland, Michigan.