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    • 1600s – 1800

    An iatrochemist performs a uroscopy, examining a small glass flask, while other activities take place in his busy workshop. A woman is waiting for her diagnosis, having brought the flask of urine in the wicker basket…

    • 1600s

    A bearded alchemist is seated at a small bench, holding up a pair of spectacles to read a manuscript. Vessels, books, straw, and apparatus are scattered on the floor. In the right background an assistant carries a…

    • 1800s

    A bearded alchemist wearing a fur-trimmed top coat and cap is carefully weighing ingredients with a balance. On top of his table is an exotic carpet covered with papers, a copper pitcher, and ceramic jar. Resting on a…

    • 1600s – 1800

    Large workshop with many sculpted busts and figures. At left in front of window, a well-dressed seated man at table with open book. Celestial globe in center, and to right a seated man painting at easel holds pallet and…

    • 1700s – 1900

    In a large stone chamber, a young woman in a blue skirt leans close to study a flask held by an elderly, bearded iatrochemist. He rests against a table covered with an embroidered carpet, topped with other glass vessels…

    • 1600s

    This workshop scene highlights the many activities of an apothecary's assistants as they sort and process herbs and plants, distill organic substances for medicine, and prepare doses. Large racks of glass distillation…

    • 1600s – 1800

    A busy chemical workshop with a man in furred collar and physician’s cap, examines a flask, conducting a medical diagnostic or urinoscopy. He consults an open book while at right a woman and a man await results. In…

    • 1600s

    The walls of this busy and productive apothecary's shop are lined with glass vessels and earthenware jars used for the preparation and storage of drugs, tonics and purgatives. The apothecary sits at his desk, conversing…

    • 1600s

    Warm light from an open window at left falls on the seated figure of an alchemist and his standing assistant. The alchemist glances up from his writing, quill in hand, as his assistant carries in a small vessel. On the…

    • 1858

    A man in red skull cap and coat furred at collar and cuff sits with open book on his lap, body facing left with head turned right, in a green tattered velvet chair. At right, a cloth-covered table topped with a skull.…

    • 1600 – 1800

    The labors of an elderly alchemist are closely watched by a monkey which perches on the window above. The alchemist busies himself investigating samples wrapped in paper or notes in a cluttered workshop. The floor at…

    • 1600s

    A bald alchemist stands at his furnace on the right, stirring the contents of his crucible while reading a small book. His young apprentice stands by, attentively looking to the alchemist for guidance. Books and other…

    • circa 1900 – 1965

    This work reproduces a painting by Wijck in the collections of the Rijksmuseum. The alchemist, seated at his desk before the window, looks down to survey the progress of his assistant. The young boy holds up a basin for…

  1. Tanglefoot brand pesticide can with black and white text on orange label with electronic sprayer graphic. Metal screw cap.

  2. Bee brand pesticide can with black and white text on yellow, blue, and red label with dog, cat, and bottle graphic.

  3. Frostee brand pesticide vaporizer with red and beige text on round tin. Two red lids with green midsection punched with holes.

  4. Mabex brand pesticide vaporizer with white text and moth graphics on red, round tin. Center punched with holes on both sides of tin.

  5. Black Flag brand round metal sprayer with black text on yellow label. Small rubber cap.

  6. Cenol brand pesticide can with navy text on white and bright orange label. Large moth graphic. Metal screw cap.

  7. Cenol brand pesticide can with black and white text on orange and black label. Metal double screw cap.

  8. Ortho brand pesticide bottle with black and white text on red label with fruit graphics. Red screw cap.

  9. Black Flag brand pesticide bottle with black text on light green and white label with flag graphic. White screw cap with sprayer.

  10. Miller's brand pesticide can with black and yellow text on red, yellow, and green label. Butterfly and landscape graphics.

  11. Pesticide can with black and white text on red, white, and green label. "De-Pester" in white text across top of can.

  12. Lee's brand pesticide can with blue, white, and red text on yellow and blue label. Rooster graphic.