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    A cuvette is a clear container for holding liquid samples, usually for use in a spectrophotometer or other instrument. This one is designed specifically for use in blood gas analysis.

    • Personal Recollections of Arnold O. Beckman
    • Undated

    The account focuses on the early days of Beckman's entrepreneurial endeavors, from Robert Millikan referring I. H. Lyons to Beckman for assistance with National Postal Meter Company inks through the renting of a new…

    • Undated

    This account of Howard Cary's life covers the period from his birth to his initial contact with National Technology Laboratories and brief discussion of his later involvement with pH meter development. He devotes a fair…

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    The second side of the poster has been cropped into three parts for ease of reading. These particular instruments were manufactured by the E. Vernon Hill Company based in Chicago.

    Psychrometers, also known as…

    • Undated

    Though the instruction manual is undated, details such as the November 1956 drawing dates provide clues about creation and publication dates.

    Beckman Instruments' analog computers were being produced by their Berkeley…

  1. Short description of electron distribution and position in molecules of CO2.

    • Instructions No. 91
    • Undated

    This undated draft is handwritten and hand-drawn on yellow paper.

    The first Beckman Instruments DU Spectrophotometer was developed in 1940, when the company was still called National Technical Laboratories. Spurred by…

    • Beckman Reprint R-24
    • Undated

    The paper, distributed as a reprint from Beckman Instruments, described the IR-3 spectrophotometer. It was originally presented before the Symposium on Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy, held in Columbus, Ohio at…