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    • 2018

    Modern reproduction of the first electric battery invented by Alessandro Volta in 1800. Base and top are wooden. Between the base and top rests a stack or pile of 46 copper-zinc cells. Electrodes used to tranfer the…

    • Keystone funnel
    • 2016

    A: Blue plastic funnel with B: cap used to hold filter paper. Funnel is designed to fit on two 2-liter soda bottles (with cap on) or on the top of a jerrycan (without cap).

    In 2016 Dr. Theresa Dankovish's company,…

    • 2016

    Playskin Lift is an assistive garment for young infants with weakness or movement problems due to brachial plexus palsy, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and various forms of muscular dystrophy/atrophy. The garment is…

    • 2014

    The Coolibar hooded one-piece swimsuit for a small child is constructed with four-way stretch knit (polyester and spandex). The hood protects the infant's neck and head while the zipper and snap buttons eases putting on…

    • 1997 – 2011

    Small cylindrical plastic white bottle with safety cap used for holding pills. Medicine bottle is empty.

    • 1910 – 2007
    • 2008

    Plastic Bayer aspirin bottle, 50 tablet size, contains tablets.

    • 1985
    • 1910 – 2007

    Plastic Bayer aspirin bottle, 100 tablet size, reads "Genuine Bayer Aspirin, Micro-Thin Coating".

    • 1910 – 2007

    Glass Bayer aspirin bottle, 200 tablet size, contains white tablets.

    • 1910 – 2007

    Glass Bayer aspirin bottle, 300 tablet size, contains white tablets.

    • 1910 – 2007

    Small, shallow, rectangular tin box containing medicine pills. Label on front of tin has yellow background with "12 Bayer-Tablets of Aspirin (5 grs. each)" in white text on brown background. Tin pillbox contains…

    • 1910 – 2007

    Small glass Bayer flavoured children's size aspirin bottle with pink plastic cap, 36 tablet size, containing pink tablets.

    • 1988
    • 1910 – 2007

    Small glass Bayer orange flavoured children's chewable aspirin bottle with pink plastic cap, 36 tablet size.

    • 2007

    Plastic tube with purple flip cap. Hollow fibers inside tube filters contaminants from water. Purple string attached to one end of tube.

    LifeStraw is a personal and mobile water purification tool developed as a…

    • circa 1996

    Gray plastic (Rubbermaid) container; two panels open to the right and left and snap into place with small protrusions on the raised base platform; platform also has two support sticks that can be rotated outward so…

    • 1995

    The "Periodic Round Table" looks like a multi-layered cake. There are eight wooden layers that sit on top of one another and can be rotated. Layers are divided into chemical elements with engraved element name and…

    • 1992-Nov-09

    Commemorates celebration of Glenn Seaborg's 80th birthday and recognizes November 9, 1992 as "Glenn T. Seaborg Day."

    • 1950 – 1990

    Adjustable mauve colored cotton self-tie bow tie.

    • 1985 – 1989

    Transparent plastic container with five interior compartments for multicolored plastic pieces. Instruction manual included.

    Models kits, such as this one, are often found in laboratories and classrooms and are used to…

    • 1980s

    Models kits, such as this one, are often found in laboratories and classrooms and are used to visualize the structure of chemical substances.

    • 1988-May

    "For pioneering with vision, boldness and drive, the discovery, exploration and settlement of new frontiers in science, education, and public service."

    • Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid, A Natural Vegetable Powder for Treatment of Constipation
    • before 1985

    White plastic container with white painted screw capped metal lid. The main label is "Metamucil." Extensive descriptive and use information is printed on the container in green. The container is full with original seal…