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    • circa 2015

    Large, hollow cylindrical piece of thick cardboard with thick white Lycra fiber wound around it.

    • circa 2015

    Large, hollow cylindrical piece of thick cardboard with thick black Lycra fiber wound around it.

    • 1999-Sep-24

    This letter from Arnold O. Beckman invites potential attendees (and potential donors) to a conference on the future of science education in Orange County, California. This initiative to improve science education was…

    • circa 1995

    A whimsical rendering of the Periodic table noting all sources of toxicity, pollution, radioactivity, etc. This rendering is a slightly edited version of a table produced by the "Annals of Improbable Research."

    • 1995

    Rendering of the Periodic Table of Elements containing geographical names around the world and universe which were or may have been derived from the names of chemical elements.

    • Periodic Classification of the Elements
    • 1995

    Periodic table of the elements published by the Chemical Society of Brazil, 1995.

    • 1993-Oct

    The press release announces three chemistry kits for DNA analysis: the eCAP ssDNA 100, the eCAP dsDNA 1000, and the LIFluor dsDNA 1000.

    • 1993-Oct

    The press release discusses the features of the eCAP ssDNA 100 kit.

    • (May be the largest in the world.)
    • 1993

    Art reproduced from image depicting Mendeleev's Periodic System on on the wall of the Mendeleev Institute of Weights and Measures.

    • 1992

    Depiction of the periodic table with an emphasis on the elements which receive the most attention in general chemistry textbooks.

    • circa 1992

    Print advertisement for the Dow Chemical Company's Magnesium Division. The advertisement features reproductions of newspaper clippings chronicling various milestones in the company's production of magnesium over the…

    • circa 1991

    Print advertisement for the Dow Chemical Company's Magnesium Division highlighting the development of AE42X1, a new high-temperature magnesium alloy for use in automotive engineering.

    • 1990-Sep-27

    The press release announces the 502 Autosampler for use with System Gold HPLC equipment.

    • 1990

    Three dimensional representation of the periodic table of elements (unassembled). ElemenTree is made of transparent Vivak plastic in pink and green with black text. The tree has 17 pieces (layers are polygonal) with a…

    • 1980s

    Advertisement for the L8 Ultracentrifuge, which became one of the workhorse centrifuge models of the 1980s and 1990s.

    Beckman Instruments began producing centrifuges after their January 1, 1955 acquisition of industry…

    • 1980s

    The SpinPro Expert system software designed ultracentrifuge procedures based on users' answers to a series of questions, intentionally mirroring the telephone conversations that users used to have with Beckman…