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    • Pl. X
    • 1872 (Published)

    From a photograph taken of a solar eclipse observed from Syracuse, Sicily on 22 December 1870.
    From text: "The photograph taken by Mr. Brothers is very valuable, since it shows the halo extending towards the…

    • Pl. IX
    • 1872 (Published)

    This plate illustrates four spectra from solar phenomena.
    Spectrum 1 is Solar Spectrum and Spectrum of the Prominences, during a total Eclipse.
    Spectrum 2 is Spectrum of the Corona. Observed by Charles Young…

    • Pl. VIII
    • 1872 (Published)

    This plate contains two prints from photographs of a solar eclipse viewed in Burlington, Iowa on August 7, 1869.
    "The photographic plates, which were exposed for the brief space of from five to sixteen seconds, give…

    • Fig. 121
    • 1872 (Published)

    An illustration of a solar eclipse during the last 2 minutes, 25 seconds, therefore just before the reappearance of the sun's rays. The accompanying text states: ""Scarcely had the last ray of sunlight disappeared,"…

    • Pl. VII
    • 1872 (Published)

    Prints from photographs taken by Colonel James Francis Tennant (1829-1915). The upper picture shows the eclipse at the moment of totality, and the lower one immediately before it's cessation. Observed from Guntoor,…

    • Fig. 106.
    • 1872 (Published)

    Here Sschellen is illustrating and explaining the phenomenon of sunspots. The accompanying text states: "In Fig. 106 the drawings marked I represent the varying phases through which a spot surrounded by a penumbra…