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    • 1968

    The carbon dioxide sensor was incorporated into the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) backpacks worn by astronauts during the Apollo lunar landing.

    • 1965

    An unidentified man wearing a vest containing sensory equipment, standing beside monitoring gear for environmental chamber. Per the label on the vest, the equipment was fabricated for a NASA contract, NAS 9-3910, which…

    • 1964

    The system, designed for use in NASA's environment chambers, monitored oxygen, carbon dioxide, suit pressure, EEG, and heart rate.

    • circa 1971

    Produced by Beckman Instruments Advanced Technology Operations (ATO) in 1971 for NASA's Skylab Program, this system measured carbon dioxide partial pressure, dew point, and ambient gas temperature. Its battery contained…

    • 1969

    The MINOS oxygen and carbon dioxide monitors were first developed in 1968 and monitored atmospheric conditions in diving habitats, vehicles, and pressure chambers.