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    • 1930s

    Four photographs depicting various German automobiles with Plexiglas windshields and window panels. Per notations accompanying the photographs, the automobiles are identified as follows: 1) Opel Super 6…

    • 1952
    • 1954
    • Undated

    In 1954, Beckman Instruments' headquarters moved from Pasadena to Fullerton.

    Various photographs bear numbers, production notes, and photographer's stamps.

    • circa 1998
    • 1970s

    Beckman established its first Swiss corporation, Beckman Instruments International, S.A., in Geneva in 1960. Beckman Instruments (Process) S.A. was established in 1972.

    The photograph with the Beckman Coulter sign…

    • Undated
    • 1975

    Beckman acquired Specialized Instruments Corporation in 1955 and entered the centrifuge market. In 2007, the company moved its centrifuge business from Palo Alto to Indianapolis, Indiana.

    One photograph bears a stamp;…

    • 1958
    • 1960
    • 1962
    • 1959
    • Undated
    • 1967-Jun

    Beckman's Glenrothes plant was originally built in 1958; a second phase of construction was completed in 1962. The plant closed in 1991.

    Identified individuals include Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Cyprion Bridge,…

    • Undated
    • 1968

    The Amsterdam photograph (2012-002_1157) is dated to 1968; the Mijdrecht photograph (2012-002_1158) is undated.

    • Undated

    Beckman Instruments (Ireland) Inc. was established in Galway in 1971.

    • Undated

    The set of photographs depicts Beckman facilities in France. Some photographs are numbered on the reverse; some are mounted.

    • Undated

    This instrument detects pollutants in the exhaust from vehicles with combustion engines. The vehicle's license plate suggests the Massachusetts location.

    Beckman Instruments, Inc. became interested in measuring,…

    • Undated

    This diagnostic instrument was also known as an Engine Scope Tester.

    • Undated

    This diagnostic instrument was also known as an Engine Scope Tester.

    • 1970s

    A man in a lab coat and a woman with a clipboard record the readings of an HC/CO Tester attached to the tailpipe of an automobile. This instrument measures the levels of hydrocarbons (HCs) and carbon monoxide (CO)…