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    • Pareirae radix
    • 1886

    A color lithograph of Pareirae radix, Pareira root.

    This manual identifies plants used for medicinal purposes. The focus is on plants that can be acquired through commerce in Britain and are illustrated as they would…

    • 1886

    Color lithograph of five botanical specimens: No. 1. Aconiti Folia. Aconite leaves (leaves and flowering tops of Aconitum Napellus or Monkshood; No. 2. Aconiti Radix. Aconite root; No. 3. Podophylli Rhizoma. Podophyllum…

    • 1817-Apr-02

    Illustrated with 20 hand-colored plates, Conversations on Botany is composed as a series of conversations between a mother and son about the principles of the Linnaean system of classification and elements of useful…