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    • Undated

    The set of photographs depicts Beckman facilities in France. Some photographs are numbered on the reverse; some are mounted.

    • circa 1985

    The black and white photograph is dated to 1985. The color photograph bears an illegible photographer's stamp and is identified as Beckman RIIC Ltd. Sales and Service Operation.

    • Undated

    The black and white images are attributed to Ross Scholes Photography and depict men and women working in the Toronto plant. The unattributed Kodak print of a white building depicts the exterior of the Mississauga…

    • circa 1979 – circa 1980

    Based upon a sticker on the reverse of the image, the contact sheet is attributed to Karjalas' Photo Vision. The Polaroid images are unattributed.

    The Clinical Instruments Division of Beckman Instruments opened the…

    • 1950s

    Berkeley Scientific Corporation was founded in 1945 and acquired by Beckman in 1952. The company manufactured high-speed electronic counters and radioactivity instruments, and the Berkeley name was retained for the…

    • 1968 – 1989

    Beckman Instruments, G.m.b.H. was established in 1968. The pictured Viennese estate was initially shared by Beckman Instruments and the family of manager Ulf Daum, but as the company expanded the Daums relocated. The…

    • Undated

    The Beckman Vision Center contains the University of California at San Francisco Department of Ophthalmology and all of its clinical and research facilities.

    • Undated

    This institute, which opened in 1989, supports interdisciplinary research in the sciences, centered around four themes: Biological Intelligence, Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction, Integrative Imaging, and…

    • Undated

    The Helipot Corporation was founded during World War II by Arnold O. Beckman of Beckman Instruments (at that time still National Technical Laboratories) to keep up with the demand for Beckman's reliable dial, also…

    • 1940s

    This building at 820 Mission Street was the first built exclusively for National Technical Laboratories in 1940.

    • 1930s

    This garage was the first location of the National Inking Appliance Company, founded by the National Postal Meter Company in 1934 to manufacture the new, nonclogging inking device invented by Arnold O. Beckman. This…

    • 1981-Feb

    Parking lot and front entrance of the Beckman Instruments, Inc. plant in St. Louis, Missouri during the winter.

    • Undated

    This building housed the Information Display Operations wing of Beckman Instruments.

    • 1965-Feb

    This location housed at least one of the Berkeley Division's offices.

  1. Hybritech was founded in the 1970s in San Diego as part of the biotechnology industry boom. It was purchased by Eli Lilly in 1986 and by Beckman Instruments in 1995. It is unclear if the building in this photograph is…

    • Undated

    The facility in this photograph is not identified or dated, but Beckman Instruments established its first South Africa subsidiary in 1963 and soon had locations in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

    • circa 1953

    Arnold O. Beckman, Inc. was founded during World War II to handle the development of a secret project: an oxygen meter designed by Linus Pauling for the National Defense Research Committee. Pauling and the NDRC…

    • Undated

    This building may have been in Sydney, Australia, where Beckman Instruments had facilities.

    • 1957-Oct

    Helipot was a division of Beckman Instruments, Inc., and manufactured potentiometers and other electronic components. Arnold O. Beckman (founder of Beckman Instruments) is at center. The other men in this photograph are…