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    • circa 1936

    The receipt lists materials the De Forest Television Corporation received from Arnold O. Beckman. The memorandum concerns work Beckman performed for the American Television Corporation, the De Forest Television…

    • 1934-May-28

    Arnold O. Beckman provides an overview of the vacuum film-coating process developed for Lee de Forest. The process successfully coated film with magnesium, lead, bismuth, aluminum, and silver. The letter is apparently…

    • 1931-Oct-22

    De Forest inquires about Beckman's progress toward a chemical coating that might change in opacity or color, and details the "very fine and uniform quality" of silver coated film de Forest is able to produce.

    Lee de…

    • 1931-Oct-09

    The letter discusses the "very nice results" of using new Eastman film and queries as to the possible effects of light upon silvering solution.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum…

    • 1931-Aug-25

    The handwritten document was created in connection with Arnold O. Beckman's consulting work for Lee de Forest.

    • 1931-Jul-18

    Arnold O. Beckman, then an assistant professor of chemistry at Caltech, offers his assistance as a consulting chemist.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum tubes in the early…

    • 1931-Jul-15

    In this letter, Lee de Forest requests a referral to a chemist who might help electroplate film.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of Audion vacuum tubes in the early twentieth century. His serial…

    • before 1940

    Hand mirror, hairbrush, comb, nail buffer and holder, button hook, and trinket box of Ivory Pyralin, a brand name for DuPont celluloid.

    In the United States during the 1860s, John Wesley Hyatt experimented with…

    • 1910 – 1940

    Irregularly-shaped wooden box with blue and off-white synthetic coatings; box is secured with two steel snap fasteners; top opens upward and is held upright with a cloth ribbon on the left side; top and bottom of box…

    • circa 1880

    Set of celluloid billiard balls with brown cue ball; balls are divided in bottom section of square wooden box by cardboard dividers.