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    • 1985-Sep-26

    The press release discusses the specifications of Beckman's Dri-STAT Enzymatic Bilirubin.

    • 1985-Sep-12

    The press release announces a brochure providing information on reagents and chemicals available from Beckman.

    • 1985-Jul-29

    The press release announces the Dri-STAT Triglycerides (UV) Rate Reagent, the speed of various assays, and clinical analyzers for which it has been optimized.

    • Undated

    The Synchron systems run a wide range of clinical chemistry tests including drug and biological fluid analyses.

    • circa 1978

    High performance liquid chromatography analyzes the components of a sample by pumping a solution through a column containing an adsorbent material, which separates and interacts distinctly with the components. The flow…

    • circa 1976

    The photograph shows the ADB and ASO 6-Test System, for the determination of serum antiDNase B and anistreptolysin O antibodies (respectively).

    • Undated

    The reagents include creatininase, glycerol kinase, uricase, and G-6-PDH.

    • Undated

    Stacked in a pyramid, these reagents include rheumatoid factor, immunoglobulin, albumin, prealbumin, and others.