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    • (So They Use SARAN WRAP and Plenty of It!)
    • 1957

    Color print advertisement for Saran Wrap, a product of the Dow Chemical Company. The advertisement profiles the Read family of Ridgewood, New Jersey and features photographic reproductions of various cookies and party…

    • 1962

    Two views of display models of Perkin-Elmer Corporation instruments and apparatus being examined by groups of unidentified men, women, and children. The model in the top photograph depicts a stratoscope, a balloon-borne…

    • 1960s

    General view of a young boy examining a model of a stratoscope, a balloon-borne astronomical telescope designed to study the turbulence and granulation in the Sun's photosphere, as well as planetary atmospheres. Several…

    • 1937

    General view of an unidentified man and young boy posed in front of a Christmas tree in a domestic setting. A chemistry set, presumably a gift, is visible in front of the boy.

    • 1966

    General view of a young boy posed with a ball and baseball bat made out of Styrofoam. Invented in 1941 by researchers in Dow's Chemical Physics Lab, "Styrofoam" properly refers to the Dow Chemical Company’s trademarked…

    • 1946

    General view of a young boy posed holding a block of Styrofoam over his head to demonstrate the product's buoyant and lightweight properties.

    Invented in 1941 by researchers in Dow's Chemical Physics Lab, "Styrofoam"…

    • circa 2001

    This series of photographs documents employees and their children participating in Take Our Children to Work Day. Arnold Beckman was on hand for the event, as was a team of volunteers.

    • 1946
    • 1940s
    • 1949

    The bordered photograph featuring Coca-Cola bottles and ice buckets is dated 1949. The bordered photographs of children are dated 1946. The exact date of the photographs without white borders is unknown.