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    • 1981-May-01

    The press release announces the addition of Series 83 Relative Humidity and Temperature Climate Sensors and Series 54 Moisture/Temperature Transmitters to its Hygroline product line.

    • 1978-Sep-01

    The press release announces the Series 830000 Sensor Assemblies for relative humidity and temperature sensing.

    • Undated

    High performance liquid chromatography analyzes the components of a sample by pumping a solution through a column containing an adsorbent material, which separates and interacts distinctly with the components. The flow…

    • Undated

    This piece is the cover to Bulletin 7389 for the Model 160 wavelength selectable detector used in liquid chromatography.

    • Undated

    An unidentified man holds what is likely a hall effect sensor ("half effect" may be a misspelling in the original label on the photograph).

    The Helipot Corporation was founded during World War II by Arnold O. Beckman…