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    • 1956

    Arnold O. Beckman arranged a banquet for Lee de Forest (seated), at which he and Jonathan Zenneck (standing) met in person for the first time since 1912.

    Lee de Forest (1873–1961) was an inventor, most notably of…

    • 1944

    Color print advertisement for the Dow Chemical Company depicting a woman in the kitchen holding a loaf of bread over a table with prepared foods. A man in winter attire stands at the kitchen door in the background. The…

    • Undated
    • 1957-Oct-11
    • 1955-Sep-15
    • 1982
    • 1953
    • 1987-Mar-23
    • 1961-Jan

    The photographs depict Arnold Beckman at a variety of meetings and events. Identified individuals include Arnold Beckman, P. Dodds, V. Rossetti, Robert T. Sheen, W. G. Brombacher, Taylor Fletcher, Jack Bishop, William…

    • circa 1940 – circa 1979

    Though the photo set is identified as Beckman with "employees," some of the photographs depict ceremonies and visits to non-corporate locations, like CalTech. Some photographs are attributed, dated (1941, 1962, 1967),…

    • 1946

    The head table at a banquet for an unidentified occasion. Mable and Arnold Beckman are second and third from left, respectively.

    • Undated

    From the Beckman Historical Collection, this unidentified photograph may have been taken at a company event at Beckman Instruments, Inc.