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    • 1986-Jun-11 (Second session)
    • 1986-Apr-02 (First session)
    • 1987-Jan-15 (Third session)

    Donald Othmer begins the interview by sharing memories of his childhood in Omaha, Nebraska, his parents, and his schooling. He tells of his experiences as a student at the Armour Institute, the University of Nebraska,…

    • Precision pH control by precision buffer control
    • 1952-Feb-25

    The memo describes problems Eastman Kodak encountered with buffer solutions and the suggestion that the Model H-2 pH meter might be adapted for Kodak's applications. Lotze appears to be the creator of images as well as…

    • Difficulties with Blue Tip Electrodes at Eastman Kodak
    • 1952-Jul-22

    The memo discusses issues affecting the electrodes used with a Model G pH meter, possible actions, and the risk of losing Kodak's business to a competitor such as Leeds & Northrup.

    • 1954 – 1962

    Kodak brand Brownie Holiday Flash camera; Dakon plastic lens with rotary shutter; molded brown and tan Bakelite body; three metal sockets on right side of the camera body meant for mounting flash bulb; braided cord…