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    • Recruiting
    • 1955-Oct-24

    The report of a conference between Don Straus, Roy Holm, Bob Cunningham, Bud Schuler, Chuck Bowes, and Bruce Lindeke discussing options for recruiting engineers, including targeting engineers' wives, emphasizing…

    • 1977

    Recruitment advertisement for Beckman Instruments, which capitalizes on how the company's products make the world a better place for human beings to live.

    • 1975

    This recruitment advertisement for Beckman Instruments builds on the success of its line of automobile instruments, designed to analyze the functions of an engine and to minimize air pollution.

    • 1960

    This advertisement ran in Playboy in 1960 (among other publications), with the goal of recruiting new employees. It builds on the fame of Beckman's pH meter line of instruments via humorous German-accented English that…

    • 1961

    This advertisement appeals to potential Beckman Instruments employees by building on the popularity of NASA's early manned spaceflight programs. In 1961 -- the year of this advertisement -- NASA conducted its first…