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    • 1997-Feb-11

    John W. Johnstone begins the interview with a description of his childhood days in the boroughs of New York City. While in high school, he was encouraged by John McManus to study chemistry. After graduating from Far…

    • 1999-Jan-29

    J. Roger Hirl begins the interview with a discussion of his early life and education. Hirl grew up in Iowa and Minnesota. After graduating from high school, Hirl attended the University of Iowa, earning his B.L.S. in…

    • 2004-Nov-19 (First session)
    • 2004-Nov-20 (Second session)

    Masao Horiba begins the interview by discussing his childhood experiences in Japan during the 1920s and 1930s. Horiba suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and spent much of his childhood listening to music, and…

    • 1985-Apr

    The photo album documents 50th anniversary celebrations at the Japanese subsidiary of Beckman Instruments, established in Tokyo in 1977. A number of pictured individuals are identified. Unused pages of the album have…

    • Undated
    • 1957-Oct-11
    • 1955-Sep-15
    • 1982
    • 1953
    • 1987-Mar-23
    • 1961-Jan

    The photographs depict Arnold Beckman at a variety of meetings and events. Identified individuals include Arnold Beckman, P. Dodds, V. Rossetti, Robert T. Sheen, W. G. Brombacher, Taylor Fletcher, Jack Bishop, William…

    • 1969-May-23

    The press release announces the appointments of Robert J. Baumann, Edward B. Bell, and Louis T. Rosso to new roles within the company.

    • 1983

    The photographs show Wallace Coulter cutting a boat-shaped cake at a celebration of Coulter Corporation's anniversary.

    Wallace and Joseph Coulter founded the Coulter Corporation to market Coulter Counters, instruments…

    • 1985-Apr-26

    The Open House celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company.

    • 1985-Mar-06

    The March 6, 1985 banquet celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Beckman and the 7th anniversary of Paso Robles operations. In 1994, Paso Robles was sold to JIT Manufacturing.

    Some photographs bear notations, possibly…

    • 1985

    Unidentified employees and their children gather for anniversary celebrations and a service awards banquet, about one year before the Porterville plant was declared a Superfund site responsible for contaminating…

    • Undated

    Joseph R. Coulter, Jr. (1924-1995) co-founded Coulter Corporation with his brother, Wallace, in the 1950s. The company was acquired by Beckman Instruments in 1997.

    • 1991-Dec-21
    • circa 1985
    • Undated
    • circa 1992
    • 1988

    These assorted photographs of Wallace Coulter span the 1940s to the 1990s. Other identified individuals include Jeanne O'Laughlin and Inez Andres, at a Barry University commencement. A photo at the American Association…

    • 1993
    • Undated
    • 1994

    The photographs depict Wallace and Joseph Coulter, Jr. One group photo includes Sue Van, a Coulter Corporation executive and later President and CEO of the Wallace Coulter Foundation, and Don Grantham.

    Wallace and…

    • 1958
    • 1960
    • 1962
    • 1959
    • Undated
    • 1967-Jun

    Beckman's Glenrothes plant was originally built in 1958; a second phase of construction was completed in 1962. The plant closed in 1991.

    Identified individuals include Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Cyprion Bridge,…

    • Undated
    • 1974-Jul-12

    Between the 1970s and its closure in 1996, the Beckman Biotechnology Facility in Irvine facility was the site of research on hepatitis, monoclonal antibodies, and HIV screening.

    • 1973

    The photographs document meetings and tours in Germany. A number of the larger photographs bear the stamp of ADN Zentralbild. The inscription on the 7 in. x 5 in. photographs states that it was taken in Berlin. The…

    • 1991
    • Undated

    Photographs of members of the Coulter family, including Joseph Coulter, Jr., Laura Coulter-Jones, Wallace Coulter, and Joseph Coulter III. These photographs were taken at unidentified ceremonies and events.


    • circa 1975

    In undated photographs that appear to have been taken in two or three different venues, Arnold Beckman and others address shareholders of the company.

    • 1960

    This scrapbook documents a September 20, 1960 Board of Directors visit to the Beckman plant in Glenrothes, Fife in Scotland. The book contains a map and several photographs of news stories related to Beckman's Scotland…

    • 1985-Apr-12

    This photograph is tucked into an album of other photographs taken at the university, most of which lack detailed description.

    The Beckmans and William O. Baker, posed in front of a painting, taken on the occasion of a…

    • circa 1960 – 1963

    The photograph shows Ed Cherniss at a podium, with Erickson, Lewis, and Dozier seated at a table, with a second table evident in the foreground. Arnold O. Beckman: One Hundred Years of Excellence identifies the venue as…