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    • 1980

    William Henry Perkin depicted in his laboratory. Perkin, center, examines test dyeing of silk taffeta with mauve aniline dye. Left, his father, the backer of the plant, stands behind Perkin and admires the fabric. In…

    • 1954-Nov-26

    Glenn Joseph expresses appreciation for a tour of Beckman's Fullerton plant and the gift of a pH meter themed desk set.

    In the 1930s, Joseph approached Beckman for assistance measuring pH for the citrus industry. The…

    • circa 1950

    This is Helipot Corporation's Meridian Avenue location.

    The Helipot Corporation was founded during World War II by Arnold O. Beckman of Beckman Instruments (at that time still National Technical Laboratories) to keep…

    • Undated
    • 1948
    • 1943

    This building at 820 Mission Street was the first built exclusively for National Technical Laboratories in 1940.

    One photograph bears a photographer's stamp for J. Allen Hawkins on the back, but the other images in…

    • circa 1953
    • 1955
    • 1956

    The construction of Beckman's Munich plant began in 1953. It housed the company's first overseas subsidiary, Beckman Instruments GmbH, and was the first U.S. plant built in Bavaria following World War II.


    • 1966
    • Undated
    • 1954
    • circa 1975

    In 1954, Beckman Instruments' headquarters moved from Pasadena to Fullerton, California.

    The images with dates inscribed on the back indicate that they were taken between 1954 and 1975, although some images are…

    • 1953
    • Undated
    • 1955
    • 1943

    In 1954, Beckman Instruments' headquarters moved from Pasadena to Fullerton, California.

    Some photos are undated, but the ones with dates were taken between 1943 and 1953. Several have a photographer's stamp on the…

    • Undated

    Exterior view of Beckman Instruments' Fullerton plant. In 1954, Beckman's headquarters moved from Pasadena to Fullerton.

    • 1950s

    Interior view of the Dow Chemical Company's lead arsenate plant with partial view of industrial machinery and barrels used for storage and transport. An inorganic pesticide, lead arsenate was first used to combat gypsy…

    • 1952
    • 1954
    • Undated

    In 1954, Beckman Instruments' headquarters moved from Pasadena to Fullerton.

    Various photographs bear numbers, production notes, and photographer's stamps.

    • Undated

    In 1954, Beckman Instruments' headquarters moved from Pasadena to Fullerton.

    Most photographs are unattributed; several have image numbers or production notes written on the reverse.

    • 1950
    • 1940
    • 1934 – 1935
    • 1946
    • Undated
    • 1949

    A Pasadena garage was the first home of the National Postal Meter Company, founded by Arnold Beckman in 1934. The company soon became National Technical Laboratories, with a focus on pH meters. In 1935, the company…

    • 1958
    • 1960
    • 1962
    • 1959
    • Undated
    • 1967-Jun

    Beckman's Glenrothes plant was originally built in 1958; a second phase of construction was completed in 1962. The plant closed in 1991.

    Identified individuals include Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Cyprion Bridge,…

    • 1973

    The photographs document meetings and tours in Germany. A number of the larger photographs bear the stamp of ADN Zentralbild. The inscription on the 7 in. x 5 in. photographs states that it was taken in Berlin. The…

    • 1961

    This collection of prints, lettered to correspond to an accompanying contact sheet, depicts members of the Systems Division Final Assembly Department.

    The pictured individuals are identified in a "Department of the…

    • after 1973

    Two black and white images depict the Reagent Tower (Brewery) and were shot in December, 1973. The color photographs and the black and white shot of the parking lot are undated.

    Beginning in 1973, the Carlsbad plant…

    • Undated

    The black and white images are attributed to Ross Scholes Photography and depict men and women working in the Toronto plant. The unattributed Kodak print of a white building depicts the exterior of the Mississauga…

    • circa 1979 – circa 1980

    Based upon a sticker on the reverse of the image, the contact sheet is attributed to Karjalas' Photo Vision. The Polaroid images are unattributed.

    The Clinical Instruments Division of Beckman Instruments opened the…

    • 1950s

    Berkeley Scientific Corporation was founded in 1945 and acquired by Beckman in 1952. The company manufactured high-speed electronic counters and radioactivity instruments, and the Berkeley name was retained for the…

    • 1960

    This scrapbook documents a September 20, 1960 Board of Directors visit to the Beckman plant in Glenrothes, Fife in Scotland. The book contains a map and several photographs of news stories related to Beckman's Scotland…

    • 1960-Oct

    The Glenrothes Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 8, October 1960 includes community news, letters to the editor, opinion pieces, advertisements, and, on page 17, an article about Beckman Instruments, Inc.'s 25th anniversary.

    • 1960-Sep

    These notes, intended for distribution to the press, were used for a toast delivered by Lord Craigton, C.B.E., Minister of State for Scotland, on the occasion of Beckman Instruments, Inc.’s 25th Anniversary.

    • 1955

    View from the roof of the Helipot Division's Newport Beach plant, with four men visible on the roof.