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    • 1955-Aug-05

    Mass spectrometers measure the mass of sample components after ionization.

    Walter Donner's work with Beckman Instruments including oversight of the development of medical monitoring equipment for the Apollo, Mercury,…

    • circa 1972

    The LB-2 Medical Gas Analyzer replaced the LB-1. It measured alveolar CO2, along with nitrous oxide, halothane, ehtrane, forane, various halogenated ethers, and carbon monoxide.

    The Model OM-11 Oxygen Analyzer was…

    • 1967

    The Atmospheric Monitoring and Control System was developed for the Navy's first Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV). It measured oxygen and carbon dioxide in extreme environmental conditions.

    • 1943-Nov

    The report discusses work performed between September 20 and October 31, 1943, under contract number OEMsr-674. Beckman reported beginning construction of the first model of an instrument to record concentrations of…

    • 1944-Mar-30

    The informal report drafted by a University of Chicago team, regarding contract OEMsr-79, documented efforts to record chemical warfare agents using sensitized paper tape. The report includes one such strip…

    • 1965

    Beckman originally produced 27 Mark V Atmosphere Analyzers for use on nuclear ballistic missile submarines. The instrument measured oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, freon, and other atmospheric…

    • 1965-Jun

    The inscription on the instrument indicates it was a product of Sharp Laboratories Division in La Jolla, California.

    • 1960s – circa

    General view of a Bendix RGA-1A Time-of-Flight Residual Gas Analyzer with female model. The Bendix RGA-1 was specifically designed and marketed to enable accurate determination of the total pressure of a vacuum chamber…

    • 1964

    In 1960s, Beckman's Advanced Technology Operations had a number of contracts to develop instruments to monitor the atmosphere of closed environments.

    • 1963

    Beckman’s measurement of carbon dioxide was spurred by many applications. It was in part an outgrowth of World War II era work (such as that which produced Pauling’s oxygen meter) and post-war developments (including…

    • 1963

    The system, photographed with the internal components visible, detected H2 and O2.