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    • Immunization of Newborn Babies Against Tuberculosis Registered in France, 1924-1935
    • circa 1935

    Postcard depicts bar graph documenting the increase in the number of tuberculosis vaccinations administered to newborn babies.

    • Pasteur Institute - Library
    • circa 1920

    Postcard depicts three men working in the library of the Pasteur Institute.

    • Pasteur Institute - Classroom
    • circa 1920

    Postcard depicts three men and one woman working in a laboratory at the Pasteur Institute.

    • 1939 – 1967 (Date span attributed to photograph)

    Photograph of a double flask used by French biologist, microbiologist, and chemist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) to demonstrate anaerobic fermentation, as displayed at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Per notations…

    • 1887-Jun-20

    The community of Éply in France raised 20 francs "to found an establishment for the treatment of hydrophobia." In this context, hydrophobia is an irrational fear of water brought on as a symptom of rabies. Receipt…

    • 1965-Apr-28

    Concerns Stodola's request for a photograph of Calvin, as well as congratulating Stodola on winning the Pasteur Award for 1965.