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    • 2005-Dec-19

    This oral history is part of a series supported by the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS), University of California, Santa Barbara, under the National Science Foundation Grant No. SES 0531184. Researchers using…

    • 2000-Aug-18

    Joshua Lederberg begins the interview with a discussion of his involvement in the contamination issues of planetary exploration. As interest in space exploration gained momentum, Lederberg was in the midst of discussion…

    • 1992-Jun-25 (First session)
    • 1992-Jul-07 (Second session)
    • 1992-Dec-09 (Third session)

    Joshua Lederberg begins the three-part interview with a description of his parents, family background, and early years in New York. Lederberg knew from the second grade that he wanted to be a scientist, and he…

    • 2008-Jan-30

    William S. Knowles begins his oral history by discussing his early life during the Great Depression and his education, including time at Harvard University and Columbia University. Knowles spent the majority of his…

    • 1986-May-05

    Gerhard Herzberg descries his schooling in Germany. An interest in science and mathematics was kindled at his school in Hamburg; indeed, Herzberg's first interest was astronomy. More practical considerations led him to…

    • 1981-Jan-14

    In this interview Donald Cram talks briefly about his family and growing up in Vermont, Florida and New York, and this is followed by a description of his experiences at Rollins College and his start in the world of…

    • 1993-Mar-22

    The interview begins with Konrad E. Bloch describing his childhood in Neisse, Germany, and his undergraduate education at Technische Hochschule in Munich. During a research assistantship in Davos, Switzerland, Bloch had…

    • 1954-Nov-24

    This letter was written in response to Arnold O. Beckman's congratulations to Linus Pauling upon winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

    • 1978

    Study for a never-finished portrait of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin OM FRS (1910-1994), by English artist Graham Sutherland. Hodgkin was an English biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1964 for her work in…

    • circa 1884

    Portrait of Adolf von Baeyer (1835-1917), recipient of the 1905 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

    Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer was born on October 31, 1835, in Berlin, Germany. As a student at the University of…

    • 1959-May-26 – 1960-Jan-25

    Notebook #321 kept by Robert Bruce Merrifield from May 26, 1959 through January 25, 1960 in which he sets out his general conception of solid phase peptide synthesis. This work earned him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in…

    • Genesis of MRI notebook
    • 1971-Sep-02 – 1971-Sep-07

    Notebook used by Paul C. Lauterbur to document the genesis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The notebook is titled, "Spatially Resolved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments - General Idea and Some Potential…

    • circa 1977

    Portrait of Rosalyn Sussman Yalow (1921-2011), an American medical physicist and co-recipient of the 1977 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the development of the radioimmunoassay (RIA) technique.


    • 1979

    Cachet depicts Otto Hahn's equipment and the nuclear fission of uranium atoms. Stamp shows Hahn's diagram of the splitting of the uranium nucleus. Hahn was the Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry in 1944.

    • 1963-Nov-21

    Stamps depict Niels Bohr, the equation for the Bohr frequency condition (an equation relating to light frequency and electrons), and a diagram of the Bohr model of a hydrogen atom.

    • 1967

    Depicts Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of X-rays, along with an X-ray tube and an atom.

    • 1975

    Stamp issued during International Women's Year (1975), depicting Marie Curie, "discoverer of radium," by the former British colony Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla (now called the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.)

    • 1967-Feb-14

    Congratulatory note from Robert S. Mulliken to Harrison Shull, on the occasion of Mulliken being awarded the 1966 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

    • 1964-Oct-22

    Letter between Robert S. Mulliken and Harrison Shull, American quantum chemists, concerning the eventual disposal of Mulliken's reprint file.

    • 1978-Oct-30

    Acknowledgement of congratulatory note on the occasion of Simon being awarded the 1978 Nobel Prize in Economics.

    • 1964-Oct-06

    Letter between Robert S. Mulliken and Harrison Shull, American quantum chemists, concerning reprints and the Cosmos Club.