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    • 1945-Nov-12

    Arnold Beckman discusses the status of contract reports, an instrument damaged during shipment, and asks about Spencer Prentiss's post-war plans. He expects to consult with Linus Pauling to decide which instrument to…

    • circa 1955-Dec-07

    Group photograph of attendees at the Molecular Quantum Mechanics Conference in Austin, Texas in 1955. Along with the photograph is a list of participants, which included John Pople, Rudolph Pariser, Michael Barnett, and…

    • 1975-Jul-30

    Concerns congratulatory note on the occasion of Pauling being awarded the National Medal of Science.

    • 1955-Aug-03

    Concerns various citations in regards to a letter in the Journal of Chemical Physics, titled, "Role of the Continuum in Super-Position of Configuration."

    • 1954-Mar-25

    Letter between Robert S. Mulliken and Harrison Shull, American quantum chemists, concerning application of Mulliken's "magic formula" by a Japanese researcher on H2O.

    The phrase "magic formula" is in reference to the…

    • 1976-Aug-27

    Concerning possibility of publishing an early Pauling manuscript in a high school textbook or in an issue of "Chemistry."

    • 1945-Jan-22

    Letter regarding various requirements for the Pauling Oxygen Meter, including the possibility of making a combination moisture detector and oxygen meter. At the time, both Reuben Wood and Dr. Spencer S. Prentiss were…

    • 1980

    These handwritten notes (by an unidentified author) detail the process by which Linus Pauling came to National Technical Laboratories to produce his oxygen meter design and how this lead to the formation of Arnold O.…