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    • 1986-Nov-17 (First session)
    • 1986-Nov-18 (Second session)

    E. Bright Wilson, Jr. begins the interview with a description of his parents, childhood, and early education. He then discusses his undergraduate and graduate studies at Princeton University, where he was inspired by…

    • 1986-May-30

    Charles P. Smyth begins the interview by naming the many scientists in his family and discussing his undergraduate education at Princeton, with descriptions of the curriculum, faculty, and facilities. He then describes…

    • 1986-May-30 (Second session)
    • 1986-May-22 (First session)

    Hubert Alyea was an internationally known popularizer of chemistry. His public demonstrations and academic lectures won him numerous awards and imparted the beauty of chemistry to his students and interested laypeople…

    • 1942-Oct-12

    Letter from the Vice President of the United States to the microbiologist and author, Paul de Kruif. Concerns corn genetics research conducted by plant geneticist, George Harrison Shull, at Princeton University. Shull…