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    • 1950s

    Women assembling unidentified instruments at Beckman Instruments or one of its divisions.

    • circa 1977

    Beckman Instruments debuted an Immunochemistry Analyzer in 1977 and an Auto ICS (Immunochemistry System) in 1980.

    • 1981-Oct

    Unidentified Beckman Instruments employees who worked on the LS 9800 liquid scintillation counter. Liquid scintillation counters measure the radioactivity of a sample by mixing the sample with a solvent containing a…

    • 1965-Sep-21

    This internal Beckman Instruments memo documents some of the difficulties of developing a portable glucose monitor. Items under consideration include a digital read out, whole blood versus dialysis or protein…

    • circa 1933

    Glenn Joseph writes to Dr. Beckman about the process of finding the right buffer to use in the new glass electrodes inside the pH meter. The identify of the "Dr. Dupont" referenced in this letter is uncertain.


    • 1933

    In this letter, Glenn Joseph reports that the vacuum-tube amplifier in the early Beckman pH meter model is (still) not functioning properly. One of the fixes he proposes is replacing the vacuum tubes with a glass…

    • 1934-Jun-22

    This letter spells out the instrument maintenance and upgrades that the California Fruit Growers Exchange believe are included with the cost of developing the "glass electrode apparatus" (an early prototype of the…

    • 1934-Apr-10

    Invoice from Arnold O. Beckman to W. E. Baier
    for developing and calibrating McLeod gauges and glass electrodes -- components involved in the early Beckman pH meter.

    Arnold Beckman invented his first pH meter in 1934…

    • 1935-Apr-30

    Response to an earlier letter from Dr. Duschak, asking if Dr. Beckman's new "acidimeter" would be appropriate for determining the pH of vegetable juices. Beckman describes some of the recent changes to the instrument,…

    • 1955

    These guidelines were originally sent from R. S. White to Beckman Division Research & Engineering personnel in regard to new electrode development. They outline a new procedure for all instruments and accessories,…