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    • 1953-Feb-25

    Arnold O. Beckman notes that some of the company's instruments (including pH meters and infrared spectrophotometers) are already being used to monitor air quality, and expresses interest in developing instruments…

    • Some Indicated Current Actions on the Smog Problem
    • 1955-Aug-04

    The contents of Wright's memo formed the agenda of a later meeting of the Air Pollution Committee of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

    • 1955-Aug-11

    The agenda of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Air Pollution Committee lists several "indicated current actions on the smog problem" and a suggested resolution. The documents includes Arnold O. Beckman's annotations.

    • 1955-Jun-07

    In this memo to the General Manager of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Beckman summarized the work done to date on Regulation VII.

    • 1956-Jan-25

    Beckman's address as incoming president of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce references major challenges, including air pollution. A list of incoming officers and directors is included, along with minor annotations in…

    • 1955-Nov-17

    Memo regarding criticisms of Regulation VII, an ordinance proposed by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce's Air Pollution Committee to control Los Angeles smog. Among the criticisms: the difference between smoke and…

    • 1955-Nov-16

    Memo regarding proposed Air Pollution Control District regulation of fuel oil burning by industrial facilities. Robert H. Davis points out that publicly owned utilities are not being given the same scrutiny as privately…

    • 1955-Nov-01

    Letter from Calvin Bream, Secretary of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Air Pollution Committee, asking Arnold O. Beckman to appear on a radio program discussing air pollution. This series was produced by the Air…

    • 1955-Oct-03

    This letter from then LA Chamber of Commerce president Carl Miller asks Los Angeles business and industry leaders to collaborate to fight smog.

    • 1955--08

    This letter from P. S. Magruder, the Executive Vice President of the General Petroleum Corporation, to Arnold O. Beckman, at the time the Chairman of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Air Pollution Committee,…

    • 1964

    This advertisement for Beckman Instruments targets people who are monitoring their companies' emissions, encouraging them to get a better understanding of their "problems." It positions air pollution as something to be…

    • 1962

    The advertisement mentions several Beckman Instruments products that could be used in corporations' fight against pollution, including IR spectrophotometers and gas chromatographs.

    Beckman Instruments, Inc. was an…