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    • Fig. 52
    • 1872 (Published)

    Illustration of a man looking through a spectroscope.
    From the corresponding text: "Fig. 52, especially the three tubes directed to the prism at different angles, as in that constructed by Kirchhoff and Bunsen. The…

  1. Spectroscope is in the style of the original Bunsen-Kirchhoff design. Triangular glass prism sits on a round, brass dias and is held in place by a metal arm attached to the dias; prism is coated in black paint with only…

    • Part of Preis-Verzeichnis über Apparate und Gerätschaften für alle Laboratoriums-Arbeiten im Gebiet der Biochemie [Price-List on Apparatuses and Equipment for All Laboratory Work in the Fields of Biochemistry]
    • 1913
    • Part of Catalog K: Physical Apparatus for Universities and Colleges
    • 1912-May

    Spectroscopes use a lens or prism to disperse light into wavelengths. The spectroscopes shown can be handheld (top image) or attached to a camera (bottom image) to record the observation.

    • Spectroscope
    • Part of Marpmann's Illustrirte Fachlexika [Illustrated Encylopedia]
    • 1902

    Made by Hans Heele, Berlin, Germany.

    • Part of Instruments of Precision Laboratory Apparatus, M-L Catalog
    • 1911

    "This spectroscope will show the first order of spectrum all at once across the field of the eyepiece."

    • Part of Instruments of Precision Laboratory Apparatus, M-L Catalog
    • 1911

    "The collimators and observing telescopes have apertures of 50mm., and focus by rack and pinion. Two 60 degree prisms of heavy flint glass and of 70mm. side are furnished with the instrument. The mirror may be used in…